Did You Know November 15th is Clean Your Refrigerator Day?

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Time to add a job to your “To Do List!a lady adding to your to do list.

Yes, Tuesday, November 15th Really is…

Clean Your Refrigerator Day

I’m not makin’ it up.  Thankfully, I’m already ahead of the game.  I started last last week trying to tame the scary contraption that dwells in my kitchen.  Nothing makes me feel so at ease in the kitchen than having a clean and organized fridge.

I would like to challenge everyone here to take some action too!

So, what’s lurking in the back of your fridge?  Speak up!

(Don’t feel bad, I had some old moldy, gravy…Yuck!)

Here’s a video I found about keeping your fridge clean and organized.  (If you ask me, this lady needs a lot more food in that fridge!! lol)

How to Keep your Refrigerator Clean Inside — powered by ehow

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  1. Yes! I just cleaned up my refrigerator and now it looks beautiful again after a week. :)

  2. Susan52 says:

    You know, I am one of the fortunate women whose husband looks for things such as moldy gravy in the refrigerator (yep, us too) and empties those containers for me. I did find some mysterious squishy something in a vegetable bin the other day and cleaned that out, plus wiped off the (oddly, almost empty) shelves while I was in there. I think we’re pretty well set now to fill that huge white cavernous thing with Thanksgiving leftovers next week!

    • Rhonda White Rhonda says:


      That’s so great that your hubby helps you keep track of emptying that stuff out of the fridge!

      I try to do a little cleaning each week in my fridge to keep it maintained…but sometimes I have to do a big thorough cleanup when it gets out of control.

      And, I’m with you on the Thanksgiving event…can’t wait to fill up my fridge with all the yummy food! lol

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