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10 Tips to Help Reduce Monthly Bills in Half

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Reduce Monthly Bills in Half reduce-monthly-billsEvery month one must sit down to pay the bills.  (Nothing too  enjoyable, right. lol) Do you ever wonder why you’re spending so much?  It’s a common scenario for most families. The good news is there are a few things you can do to cut your monthly bills down. Here’s 10 tips to help reduce monthly bills: 1. Shop Around Always shop around. Utility companies are in fierce competition with each other, use it to your advantage and shop around for the best savings. Don’t think you have to stick with a supplier you’re not happy with. 2. Leave the Car at Home Don’t pay the outrageous fees for gas. If possible try to walk, you can also consider taking the bus or carpooling.  You can even consider bicycling and get your daily exercise at the same time.  When filling up the car, shop around for competitive rates. 3.  Lower Your Thermostat If it’s cold in the house don’t just automatically switch the heating to high. Put on an extra sweater and pair of socks instead. 4.  Avoid Using Your Dryer Dryers waste a lot of electricity which means higher bills for you. Try to hang up your clothes instead. This not only saves you money on electricity but will help some of your clothes last longer as well. 5.  Make Sure It’s Full Don’t use your washing machine or dishwasher when it’s half empty. Play around with the temperature settings to see if a lower temperature will do the job just as well as the pricier higher one. 6.  Turn Off the Lights Your father was right. Turn off the lights you’re not using to save electricity. If you’re just relaxing try lighting candles instead, this will save money and create a nice atmosphere (make sure you follow all safety guidelines). 7.  Lower Your Water Bill Try to take showers instead of baths. Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Collect rain water and recycle it to water the plants. Make sure your faucets aren’t dripping. Use a bowl full of water when doing the dishes instead of leaving the tap running. 8.  Change the Settings Set your thermostats a couple of degrees lower in the winter and a couple of degrees higher in the summer for a big savings on your utility bills. 9.  Filter Your Water Investing in a good water filtering system can save you money on buying bottled water. It will also help you save money by making your appliances last longer due to lower lime scale buildup in hard water areas. You can even use less detergent when washing clothes or using the dishwasher. 10.  Don’t Buy Disposables Try to cut back on your shopping bills by not buying disposable items such as paper towels; use a clean dish cloth instead. Try to reuse your aluminum foil or sandwich bag containers or better yet buy plastic containers you can wash and reuse. By following these tips above, you can reduce monthly bills significantly.  As an added bonus, you’ll also be contributing towards a healthier environment for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. I recommend looking at Reduce Your Electric Bill for more savings.]]>

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