• But the tongue can no man tame - James 3:8 kjv #devotional #womensdevotional
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    How to Avoid Deadly Poison in Your Christian Walk

      Could I convince you to swallow just a tiny drop of poison? What if I sprinkled it on top of your favorite dessert, would you take a bite? One thing is for sure… You and I both would cringe and quickly push it away from us. Small drop or not, we know it’s enough to contaminate our whole body and make us sick. Did you know we have something in our body that’s as powerful as deadly poison? James 3:8 says, “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” I’m sure at this point in life, most of us have discovered…

  • Delight thyself also in the Lord Psalms 37:4 kjv #Psalms #devotional
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    Don’t Miss Out on God’s Blessings!

    Don’t you just LOVE giving things to your children and watching the excitement, enthusiasm and expressions on their faces?  The delight in their eyes melts your heart. What makes you want to give them things you know they’ll like?  It’s because we love them, of course. There are those times; however, when our spirit is NOT so giving. The disobedience of your children can frustrate you…even to the point of exhaustion at times. (“Lock-yourself-in-the-bathroom to hide” type of frustration ) 😉 If one of my sons were very disobedient one day, how silly it would be for me to say, “Son, you’ve just been so bad today…let’s go out for…

  • My sheep hear my voice John 10:27, 28 kjv #sheep #security #bibleverses
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    Does Your Faith Include Secure Sheep Assurance?

      I love this verse! God included it in His Word especially for me and for YOU! Sheep need to be lead and constantly watched over; they depend on a shepherd to meet all their needs. But I REALLY love theses verses because we see Christ’s love and assurance — that He gives us ETERNAL life (only through Jesus) — and not any man — NO ONE — can take us out of our Father’s hand. We’re safe and sound!  How could we ever rest peacefully otherwise? I could NOT rest without His wonderful assurance that He has the POWER to keep me safe…to keep me secure from Satan.  He…

  • God is our refuge and strengths Psalms 46:1 kjv #psalms #strength
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    When Should We Give Up and Seek God’s Help?

      Psalms 46:1 is one of my favorite Bible verses.  It’s a bold reminder that God is very present in our lives….and He’s there to help us in times of trouble. Sometimes we tend to rely on our “own strength” to get us through. We struggle and we worry.  We fret and we try to figure it all out. We lose sleep because our minds will not rest until we find a solution. Have you ever seen a stubborn toddler insist on doing something on their own? You know they really need help, but because of their fuss and insistence to “do it myself” you  let them struggle on their…

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    September Planner

    September Events Labor Day:  Monday, September 7, 2015 (first Monday of the month) Grandparent’s Day – Sunday, September 13 2015 (first Sunday after Labor Day) For more fun things to celebrate with your family check this link: http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/september.htm September Free Printable Calendar – 2015 Free printable calendar – September 2015 September Focus – A Time to Teach “To teach is to learn twice” August and September turns our focus back to school time and educating our children.  For parents, it can be a challenging time to assist our children in getting their nose back into the books and directing their mindset on the importance of learning. It’s crucial to be…