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    How to Get a Big Appetite for the Things of God

    Revival doesn’t simply start in the church…it starts in each of our hearts.  The preacher can preach God’s Word until he’s blue in the face…but there’s no revival unless we yield ourselves and truly want a change. Monday night was the first night of our fall revival.  Pastor Rick Dawson, our guest speaker from Arkansas, preached an outstanding message to challenge us to separate ourselves from the world and say, “I want to be in the presence of God.” You see, we can’t have both.  Many Christians aren’t closer to God because they want too much to be close to the things of the world. But how do we start…

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    A Cry in the Dark [Trapped]

    Note: This story is a re-post from Jan. 5, 2014, and for those who missed it the first time around, I thought this story would be a blessing to you… By Author, K Reynolds I was only about four or five years old but I remember it like it happened yesterday. It was around 1965 and we were living in a house in Minneapolis that had been builtat the turn of the century. Like most houses from that time period, closets in bedrooms were either very small or non-existent. At some point in time, long before we lived there, a small closet had been added to the room which later…

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    Free October Planner – 2015

      October Events October 3rd (Saturday) – International Frugal Fun Day ** October 5th (Monday) – World Teacher’s Day October 9th (Friday) – Fire Prevention Day ** October 12th (Monday) – Columbus Day October 14th (Wednesday) – National Dessert Day October 17th (Saturday) – Sweetest Day (Recognize someone sweet and special in your life.) October 21st (Wednesday) – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day ** October 25th (Sunday) – Mother-in-Law Day October 25th (Sunday) – World Pasta Day (*Idea: Celebrate pasta with your MIL or send her a gift card to a restaurant.) 🙂 October 31st – Halloween – Carve a pumpkin day For more fun things to celebrate with your family…