• My favorite Christian Books: Some things I've learned by Curtis Hutson

    Favorite Christian Books – Some Things I’ve Learned by Curtis Hutson

    My Favorite Christian Books:  Some Things I’ve Learned by Curtis Hutson Today’s Topic: Take Good Care of Your Health (pp. 113-116) About the book: “Acquiring wisdom takes time. It is a lifetime endeavor but well worth the effort. For over thirty years Curtis Hutson had pointed people to Jesus. As he traveled and met thousands of people, he discovered that wisdom is often simple everyday truths. “Whenever I learn things that help me, I try to write them indelibly on the wall of my memory. Life should be governed by principles, not preferences.” As a father would share with his son, here is the wisdom of a lifetime to guide…

  • Gluten free garlic parmesean turkey meatballs #cleaneatingrecipes #meatballs #glutenfreerecipes

    Gluten-Free Garlic-Parmesan Turkey Meatballs

    I’ve loved meatballs since I was a kid… unfortunately, I have to admit that I rarely make them.  Now that I try to be careful of gluten, I have avoided them even more so. Gluten tends to give me flu-like symptoms if I consume too much of it. A small amount here and there goes well enough, but I do my best to avoid it so that I feel my best.  Thankfully, this recipe will be great if you’re avoiding gluten as well.  And of course, you can use “lean beef” if you wish! These scrumptious meatballs are a real crowd pleaser. The traditional bread crumbs are replaced with a…

  • Easy, Healthy Pumpkin Breakfasts #pumkinrecipes #breakfastrecipes
    Health,  Healthy Eating

    Easy, Healthy Ways to Wake Up to a Pumpkin Breakfast

    Since I’m passionate about encouraging others to eat healthy so that they can enjoy a better quality of life, I thought October would be a fitting time to share the health benefits of eating pumpkin and some easy, healthy ways to wake up to a pumpkin breakfast. 🙂 Pumpkin is a wonderful “superfood” to enjoy in the fall season. This simply means that  pumpkin is nutrient-dense – it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. This includes the skin, flesh, and the seeds. You can take a pumpkin and roast the flesh of the pumpkin and the seeds, using each of them for different recipes. Nutrients found in pumpkin include lots of…

  • Three important things to do when you're praying #howtopray #prayer

    Three Important Things to Do While You’re Praying

    God answers many prayers “at the last moment,” but He’s ALWAYS right on time! In our modern day with all the technology, we are very anxious to have things at our disposal “NOW.” And we want our prayers answered FAST, in the same way we make and serve “instant” mashed potatoes. (I actually liked that stuff when I was young. lol) When circumstances bring us to our knees in prayer… We’re impatient.  We’re frustrated. We’re doubtful. We’re fearful. Sometimes we’re angry. We simply do not see the whole picture the way our Heavenly Father is able to see through our circumstances. Some day when we get to Heaven, we will…