• How to Wake Up and See God's Blessings Each Morning #devotional
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    How to Wake Up and See God’s Blessings Each Morning

    Updated: 10/20/2018  Originally posted: February 27, 2011 How to Wake Up and See God’s Blessings Each Morning The other day, someone on Facebook posted a thoughtful question… “What if you woke up tomorrow morning with ONLY the things you thanked God for today?” It’s such a thought-provoking question to ponder because many of us fail to see that we are so very blessed! Sadly, if the question above were to become a reality, some of us might wake up with nothing. I know I’ve been guilty of days where I’ve focused more on the negative instead of all the positive blessings from God.  But, have you realized that our Heavenly…

  • Why Should We Love God's Commandments #devotional

    Why We Should LOVE God’s Commandments?

    How much do you LOVE your Bible? Have you ever thought about how much it means to you? There’s a lot of things to LOVE about the Word of God. We read in its pages the greatest LOVE story of all. God gave His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we might have eternal life in Heaven. (John 3:16) God’s Word offers hope (Titus 1:2)… it offers comfort (II Corinthians 1:3)… it builds our faith (Romans 10:17)… it shares many noteworthy stories about our Bible heroes (Hebrews 11). There’s something else in our Bible to LOVE as well…. We should LOVE God’s commandments!…

  • Practice Giving Glory to God #devotional

    Practice Giving Glory to God

    After seeing the talented computer skills of her 9-year-old grandson, an admiring grandmother enthusiastically told her grandson, “You are amazing!”  Surprisingly, the little boy immediately replied, “No. Only God is amazing.” After reading this little story, I was taken years back into time when my step grandmother set before me a perfect example of giving God all the glory due to His name. If you were to imply that someone was “good”…. or that she in anyway was “good,” she would immediately correct me and let me know that, “No… ONLY God is good!” As I grew more in knowledge from my Bible, I realized that my grandmother learned this…

  • I shall not be moved #devotional
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    I Shall Not Be Moved — Are You Planted Deeply in Your Christian Faith?

    The first chapter of Psalms tells us of one who is strong, well-rooted, grounded, productive, prosperous… not easily moved in their Christian faith. “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”  – Psalm 1:3 KJV ALL needs are met for this well-planted tree…the nourishment of sun and a continual supply of water for the roots.  Because the roots are healthy, the tree is able to be firmly and deeply planted. Think today about your own spiritual life… Are you planted deeply with a good foundation?…

  • Bible Memory Verse Challenge - Topic: Waiting
    Monthly Bible Memory Challenges

    Monthly Bible Memory Verse Challenge – Month 14 – WAITING

    I’ve chosen the topic “WAITING” for this month’s Bible memory verse challenge.  Doesn’t it seem hard to wait for help or answers? Memorizing some Bible verses about waiting can help us learn to wait on God during these difficult times. (***Find the printable memory verses below the mini devotional.***) Mini devotional: Whenever I go, or a loved one or friend goes to the doctor for testing, the most anxious part is waiting for the test results. Waiting seems to wear away on my energy. Does it yours?  I think it’s because I wrestle inside my mind trying to figure out for myself all the possible answers.  What could it be? What…