• Be ye steadfast I Corinthians 15:58 KJV bible verse
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    Be Sticky Like Duct Tape

    *Originally posted: February 3, 2016 / Updated December 18, 2018 When my hubby was in Bible college, we lived in a little apartment.  It was far from a fancy place, but it was our HOME.  While living there, God blessed us with three baby boys.  (One at a time, of course. 😉 ) Needless to say, finances were tight with little ones in diapers and a college bill to pay.  This is where I fell madly in love with Duct Tape.   That stuff was (and still is) my favorite “go-to” tool for fixing EVERYTHING. My hubby was off to college classes,  work or the bus route most of the time…but…

  • Come let us adore him
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    O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord

    As we sing Christmas songs this season, do we pay attention to the words we’re singing? Do we really bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior before the world? Do we really adore Him? The dictionary says that “ADORE” means to love and respect someone deeply. To worship. Christmas should be all about how much we LOVE the Lord Jesus. If we love God as we should, we will try to focus more on bringing glory to Him, not only this Christmas, but throughout the year. The best GIFT you can give to God this Christmas season is your LOVE to Him.  Did you realize that we benefit…

  • The 10 Second Prayer
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    The 10 Second Prayer

    *Originally Posted March 30, 2016 – Updated December 4, 2018 Do you know that each prayer doesn’t have to be an hour long? Or even 10 minutes long?  We’re to pray without ceasing. (I Thessalonians 5:17) So how can one pray without stopping and still get all their daily tasks done? Sometimes we have days that are so busy that it seems we can hardly catch a breath in between.  Yet, God is with us each moment.  He sees each frustrating obstacle in our path.  He knows every time we get overwhelmed.  He knows every thought… even those tempting thoughts of quitting. That’s why we need to partner with our…