• How to Bring More Joy Into Your Life
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    How to Bring More Joy Into Your Life – 17 Useful Tips to Make Today Better

    Just waiting for JOY and HAPPINESS to show up in your life isn’t likely to get great, steady results. Like so many things in life, finding JOY is a proactive thing… you’ve got to make it happen! Now, realize the difference between JOY and temporary happiness…  Receiving a gift might bring temporary feelings of “happiness.” When your hubby gets a raise at work, that might also make you feel temporarily “happy.“ True JOY, on the other hand, can be a continual state of emotional and mental peace. JOY starts with walking in the steps of the Lord Jesus. Letting Him be Lord of your life. Following God’s biblical principles always…

  • It Takes Time - Devotional

    It Takes Time

    Please bear patience with me as I share a quick summary of the early years of David. Today, I’m driving a SIMPLE TRUTH to share with you… It takes time and patience to let GOD do His work in our lives. It’s our human nature to want everything worked out RIGHT this minute! Although we’d prefer things to be fixed immediately, it often takes TIME as GOD is working and preparing in your life and mine to give us an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11 kjv) God told Samuel that He had rejected Saul from reigning over Israel. Samuel was instructed to go choose one of Jesse’s sons to be king.…

  • What David Learned About Fear
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    What David Learned About Fear

    I would say one of my faulty weaknesses is FEAR. David often spoke in Psalms about FEAR and being afraid. (In the past, I have referred to Psalms as sort of being David’s journal.) David certainly had a reason to be afraid when Saul and his huge army set out to kill him. He says… “For I have heard the slander of many: FEAR was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.” – Psalm 31:13 kjv Sometimes I’m surprised at David’s FEAR, since he courageously brought down Goliath, the giant. Could not the same God that helped him destroy the…