5 Tips for Organizing the Car

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5 Tips for Organizing the Car One place that is keen on finding clutter is the car. Have a trash bag in the car at all times. Either keep plastic shopping bags in the car to put in the trash bag for easy removal or purchase bags in a popup container. 1. Be sure to keep cleaning supplies for messed in a container in the back seat of the car or in the trunk. A vacuum is a good thing to have. Several companies have cleaning products specifically for the car. Invest in some to keep in case of emergencies. 2. Make it a habit to take everything that doesn’t belong in the car inside the house every evening. That will help keep the car looking clean. If you have children, have them take their items inside. Make it a rule and it will be easier to follow. Make it fun and the children will enjoy cleaning out their belongings from the car. 3. For the children, have them carry their belongings in a bag that they can keep near their seat for when they are in the car. Make them take them inside at least once a week to throw out any trash they have put in there. 4. If you need to keep phonebooks or other reference materials in the car, put them in a clear tote and put them in the trunk. Put a local phonebook in the glove box along with a state or city map. Other maps can go in the trunk. 5. One good tip is to clean out the car weekly if you can’t do it daily. Also, right before you go to have the car vacuumed and washed. It is easier for the car wash employees to vacuum a clean car.]]>

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