how to organize your garage #organizingtips #garageorganization

6 Tips for Organizing the Garage

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how to organize your garage  #organizingtips #garageorganization

A garage is a little different than most rooms as it is used for many things. Not only are you supposed to park your car in it; you have to have a place for tools, gardening supplies, kids sporting equipment and more.

Some garages have the laundry room in there as well, which can create another entire area for organizing. A good thing to remember is to store everything according to frequency and use. If it’s use less frequently, store it towards the back. Things you access often, put towards the front.

1. Purchase a bike rack that hangs from the ceiling. This keeps the bikes in once place and keeps them from taking up space on the ground.

2. Put sporting equipment in clear bins with lids. Label the bins. Keep them where the kids can easily get to them, but where they can easily put them up too. Be sure to check the items as the seasons change. Keep winter sports gear in one area, summer in another, etc. Depending on how you have this stored, put winter items on high shelves during summer so children do not get into them and it is a good way to keep them out of the way and safe.

3. Put a pegboard on the wall and hang tools on it. Have little storage bins for screws and such and put them on a shelf in the garage. You can also save baby jars to store screws and nails. These are good for wire or string as well.

4. If you have room, place cabinets along one wall to store paint cans, tools, gardening supplies, etc. Sometimes you can put these on roller casters to move them around.

5. Hang hooks on the wall to hold rakes, hoses and other gardening tools or brooms. This keeps them up off the floor and saves space on the floor for other things. Also, they’ll be right there on the wall for easy access.

6. Don’t forget about your garbage! If you keep it inside the garage, be sure to have trashcans large enough to hold several bags of trash. Make sure the trashcans have lids and that the lids fit. The same is true if you have recycle bins. You’ll create more clutter is you have trash or recyclable items lying on the floor.

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