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7 Tips for Organizing Seasonal Items

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7 Tips for Organzing Seasonal Items 1. Have a place for all your seasonal items. Purchase storage bins to put all the decorations in. Use a black marker or a labeling system to label the outside of the bins. It’s best to get clear bins so you can see through them, but if you have non-clear ones, label them well! Make sure the bins are stackable so they store easily. You can also purchase colored coded tops: red for Christmas, orange for Halloween, etc. 2. When you purchase the totes, most stores have specific ones for wreaths, ornaments and Christmas lights. Get rid of all the boxes of ornaments and put them all into one with the dividers. If they take up more than one tote, go through the ornaments and donate the ones that you no longer want. One tote full of ornaments is enough for one tall Christmas tree. 3. Each year, go through your decorations and if they are broken, throw them out. If you no longer wish to use them, donate them. If ornaments are broken, throw them out. Most can’t be fixed. 4. Also, look at how many of certain items you have. You really only need one Christmas tree so sell or donate any others you have. How many “little” decorative setups do you have? Only keep those with sentimental value and sell or donate the others. 5. Double check your Christmas lights. If you don’t have replacement bulbs and more than ten lights are out on a string of lights, it’s time to throw them out. It would be cheaper to purchase new lights than bulbs. How old are the strands of lights? If they are clearly outdated, throw them out wisely or donate them to local organizations. 6. You can either put your bins of seasonal decorations on shelves or purchase racks that hang from the ceiling to keep them out of the way. You only need to get to the decorations a few times a year so this is an easy option and it doesn’t take up much space. 7. Get a storage bin just for holding wrapping paper, tape, bows, etc. Get rid of the gift tag packages and put them into a baggie. Place this where you can get to it easily for whenever you need to wrap a present. (Christmas isn’t the only time for wrapping packages.) Place scraps of paper that no longer fit on the roll into to gallon size self-sealing bags. If you have a lot of Christmas bows, put them into a large shoebox and label the box.]]>

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