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7 Tips to Cut Costs at Home

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cut-costs-at-home 7 Tips to Cut Costs at Home 1.  Make an itemized list of all your expenses for the month and then decide where you can cut costs. 2.  Keep a weekly tally on all your expenditures.  Go through your receipts and find where the little pocket change is vanishing.  Those little extras really add up.  Try to eliminate them. 3.  Keep your trips to the store at a minimum.  On average each trip will mean that you will pick up a few extra unplanned purchases.  Try to plan your weekly shopping with a written list of all your necessities. 4.  Shop quickly without much browsing and make sure you’re not hungry before you enter the store.   Snacks are costly and when you’re hungry, you can easily toss in several extra purchases that would have been avoided if you had only eaten before you went in to the store. 5.  Be patient.  If there’s something you really want but don’t really need right away, watch for sales.  Try to avoid buying things at full price.  With food, learn to stock up on essentials when there’s a good sale. 6.  Stay organized at home.  When you can’t find something that you really need at the last minute, you may end up running to the store and purchasing another one.  Organizing your stuff really can save cash! 7.  Do it yourself.  Stretch your knowledge and learn to do more things yourself.  The local library and the internet has an unlimited resource of knowledge.  You can learn to do about anything you want to accomplish and save tons of money doing it yourself. *Check out Pay Debt Quicly]]>

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  • Naomi

    It is amazing how much you can save when you make/do things yourself. Not only will you save money but you will also save space (you can make thousands of things with good old flour, sugar, salt, yeast etc. instead of having thousands of prepackaged mixes lining your shelves. You will also be saving on health costs in the long run by not putting artificial additives and preservatives into your family’s bodies. And you will gain such a sense of pride and accomplishment!

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