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A Flickering Light

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Guest post by Brenda Booth
Missionary Wife, Iglesia Bautista La Victoria,
San Miguelito, Panama

A Flickering Light

Christmas is coming, and it is one of my favorite times of the year! The bright color of the decorations, the children’s excitement, the Christmas music with its Gospel message in hymns and songs, and the preaching and teaching about the birth of my Savior is just close home and precious!

In Matthew 2:9 the Word of God says, “When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.”

That star was a bright, guiding light that led the shepherds in finding the Lord Jesus! That reminds me that we are also children of light and our lights, too, should guide others to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to be that intense light shining the path for the unsaved to meet my Savior and for the Christians to desire to know Him better. But at times, I see myself, as a flickering light–A light that comes and goes.

One day I shine bright while other days my light is dim. Today, I might be a sweet mommy, but tomorrow my patience is tried. At times I am insincere to my mate just to get what I want, and so on.

If we were to talk about real lights that flicker, sometimes it is because the light bulb is loose, or the power switch has a bad connection, or possibly, there is too much voltage. Boy, can I see this in my spiritual life also!

At times, when my light flickers, my “light bulb” is loose– I have lost my spiritual focus. Yes, I read my Bible and pray, but it becomes mechanical. I forget that God is right there with me.

Sometimes there is a bad connection, and my light gets dim as I fail to depend on Him for power and strength. He has given me His Holy Spirit, but I forget to surrender to His leading at the beginning of and throughout my day.

I end up like Moses, getting angry and beating the rock! Those around me suffer the disappointing consequences along with me.

At other times my light flickers because of high voltage. My high voltage is incredulity and doubts, from “looking” too much. I look around at my circumstances instead of looking Up. I look at the accomplishments of others. I dwell on the tangible and so my faith falters.

Praise the Lord, although God sees my flickering light, He shows me how to make it steady! Focusing my mind each day on the fact that I am indeed before my Lord and Savior helps me have a steady light.

I have to take my eyes and thoughts from my circumstances and my many earthly duties and fix myself on Him! Surrendering my will to the Holy Spirit allows Him to shine His light on those around me. This is a must each day!

I need to keep first things first! Listening to God glorifying music and to the preaching and teaching from His Word, throughout the day, helps me fight the external attacks as well as my internal ones.

The Lord wants to work thru me. And when I allow Him to do so, then it is His steady light that shines thru me!

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