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    Easy, Healthy Ways to Wake Up to a Pumpkin Breakfast

    Since I’m passionate about encouraging others to eat healthy so that they can enjoy a better quality of life, I thought October would be a fitting time to share the health benefits of eating pumpkin and some easy, healthy ways to wake up to a pumpkin breakfast. 🙂 Pumpkin is a wonderful “superfood” to enjoy in the fall season. This simply means that  pumpkin is nutrient-dense – it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. This includes the skin, flesh, and the seeds. You can take a pumpkin and roast the flesh of the pumpkin and the seeds, using each of them for different recipes. Nutrients found in pumpkin include lots of…

  • 5 ways to use honey for your skin #honeytips #naturalskincare
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    5 Ways to Use Honey for Your Skin

    Do you love the taste of honey?  Although I don’t consume a lot of honey, I do appreciate the natural sweet flavor it offers.  In my youth, I enjoyed many delicious bites of honey on top of biscuits.  How do you like eating honey? Whether you do or you don’t like the taste of honey, I’m about to share some wonderful ways that you can use honey for your skin. Here’s Five Ways to Use Honey for Your Skin: 1. Cleanse Your Skin With Honey You can use honey to cleanse your skin. This might seem counterproductive, but the properties of raw honey can help to cleanse your skin and…

  • how to detox your body with apple cider vinegar #simpledetoxing #ACVrecipes
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    How to Detox Your Body with Apple Cider Vinegar

    It’s no secret that our world is full of pollutants. People have strayed so far from the path of what is natural that most people commonly accept the unnatural as ordinary.  Even discussing the topic of what to eat and what not to eat has become a source of contention. Now that many have begun the quest to choose more natural options, they are turning away from the sources of chemicals and pollution that have been accepted for so long in society. Thankfully, this has given rise to the demand for a biological cleanse; therefore, this post will be exploring how you can use apple cider vinegar (ACV) to cleanse…

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    How to Get Shiny Healthy Hair with Coconut Oil

    When your hair is flat and dull, you might start thinking about searching your local store for a magic potion to douse on your head. However, the perfect solution is probably right in your kitchen cabinet. Coconut oil is super helpful in combating dry, limp hair because it’s a natural means of moisturizing your hair while also adding in a lot of shine. Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Oz. How to Get Shiny Healthy Hair with Coconut Oil (TIPS) Use Coconut Oil for Shine and Moisture Coconut oil performs wonders for dry hair, especially if your hair is stripped of moisture from too many styling products. When…

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    All About Apples – Storing Them, Fall Recipes and Health Benefits

    Five Health Benefits Of Apples After reading this post, I hope you’ll gain a bigger appetite for apples.  Here’s a few reasons why you should eat more apples… Apples are versatile, portable, inexpensive, and unlike a lot of other fruit, they store well. They also have quite a few surprising health benefits. There’s good reason why we have the saying “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”. Here’s some benefit from eating apples regularly. Apples Can Help You Lose Weight Safely Apples make a great snack and are low in calories with only about 90 calories for a medium apple. This humble little fruit is also packed full of…