Home Organization Series – The Mudroom / Laundry Room – Day 7

Day 7 – Mud Room/Laundry Room Today, we are tackling your mudroom/laundry room. This room can get quite neglected, especially if you have kids and pets. Muddy boots, wet dogs and spilled dog food are everyday events in this workhorse of a room. It’s time for a little TLC. Our… Continue reading »

Home Organization Series – The Junk Drawer – Day 6

It’s time to face the dreaded junk drawer. No, wait! Don’t run off screaming out the room… Don’t yank your hair out. You CAN do this! Your junk drawer may be in the kitchen or the laundry room. You may even have two or three. Wherever they are, however many… Continue reading »

Home Organization Series – The Family Room – Day 4

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Day 4 – The Family Room Today we are tackling one of the messiest rooms in the house. The Family Room. Take a deep breath and let’s get to it!! Grab four tubs or boxes and label them: “Toss”, “Donate”, “Keep” and “Relocate”. Keep is for items that will stay… Continue reading »

Home Organization Series – The Front Closet – Day 2

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links have been used in this post. Day 2 – Front Closet On day 2, you taking another step closer to getting your home organized. Ready for your next task? Let’s tackle the front closet today. – Step one: Take everything out. The coats, the hangers, the… Continue reading »

Home Organization Series – The Dump Spot – Day 1

Day 1- The “Spot” Today’s task is to tackle “the spot”. You know the one. It’s the spot where you dump everything when you come home from work. For some, it’s that little counter to the side of the fridge. For others, it’s the table in the foyer. It doesn’t… Continue reading »