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    Never Fear…School is Just About Here – Back to School Tips

    It seems like the summer always flies by sooooo fast!   We’ve actually already started our homeschool year.  We sort of do a “warm up” week to get back into the groove of schooling again. This year we’re actually doing two weeks like this since I’m waiting for my oldest son to return home from visiting his grandparents.  So, next week we should be in full grind of all our normal school activities. My school room is almost organized…and we’re just waiting for a few more packages to come in that will be a part of our curriculum.  I don’t use any one source for homeschooling.  I like to mix and…

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    Yay! Kids Can Help with the Laundry! (Video)

    Yay! Kids Can Help with the Laundry! (Video) My own kids have been helping to do their own laundry since they were 3 and 4 years old.   I just thought I would share this cute video of  Jendi’s children doing laundry.  I think you’ll really enjoy it! (And hopefully be inspired.) By the way, this is a great summer time “training” project…which should help relieve stress during the busy school year if you have older children. *You can visit Jendi’s blog, by clicking here. Note: By the way if you’re interested in doing your own Vlogging (video blogging), Jendi offers some great tips!  Check it out by clicking here.]]>

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    My Mother's Day Resolutions for this Year

    My Mother’s Day Resolutions for this Year: I want to strive to be a godly example for my sons…and I hope to teach them this coming year to be “givers”…of their time and energy helping others…and from their money, faithfully giving their tithes and offerings…and to support the missionaries by giving to missions. About my day: My 3 boys have made me feel very special today with all the hugs and “Mom, I love you” expressions.  I received a couple of flowers, a card, a nice & cold frappuccino and didn’t have to cook breakfast (my hubby bought the boys donuts for this morning.)  I also received a little gift…

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    Sharing Secrets with Your Children

    Sharing Secrets with Your Children Do you remember how it felt when your close friend shared a secret with you?  Didn’t it make you feel kind of special?  Even privileged and honored that your friend trusted you with her valuable secret? On a deeper level, I believe it created a closer bond between the two of you…after all, you both shared some secret information that none of the rest the world around you knew. I love to share secrets with my boys.  I like making them feel like they’re really special to me when I share something that nobody else knows.  For instance, last night I shared a simple secret…

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    A Parent's Guide to Medicine Safety

    A Parent’s Guide to Medicine Safety – Free Download Answers to Common Questions that Parents Ask When their Kids are Sick Click here to download your guide (PDF) (Right click to save to your computer) *Note: You will need the adobe reader to read all of our pdf downloads.  If you don’t have your copy yet, click here to view details about the download.]]>