Free Fun Summer Recipes Download and 8 Ways to Use Citrus Fruits

I just compiled these easy recipes for you to enjoy…Fun Summer Recipes (Cool Summer Simple Treats).  It’s a FREE download for you!  *Use our share buttons at the end of this post to let your family and friends know about it…so they can cool off too. 😉 Click here to… Continue reading »

Easy Delicious Guacamole Recipe

Easy, Delicious Guacamole[/caption] If you’ve ever peeked on the label of store-bought guacamole, you’ll see all kinds of added ingredients that just don’t really belong there in Guacamole dip.  Our health is being affected with so many additives and preservatives. Does that mean I always fix “fresh” at home?  Sadly,… Continue reading »

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies – Quick Recipe

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies – Quick Recipe “Because Mom Makes them Better” was my youngest son’s quote this morning immediately after my middle son said that it was better than Braums.   I don’t know if I could exactly compete with Braums, but the price sure is better. (BIG GRIN) You… Continue reading »

How to Make Homemade Banana Pudding (Video)

How to Make Homemade Banana Pudding (Video) At a local store here in my small town, I pick up bananas at a big discount on Tuesdays.  On Wednesday nights after church we like to have some sort of snack or treat.  So, many times I whip up a quick batch… Continue reading »

Easy Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Easy Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe While you’re boiling those eggs…stick in an extra 6 eggs and make these sandwiches. Ingredients: 6 eggs 3 TB Mayo 2 tsp. mustard 1 tsp. celery seed Lawry’s seasoning salt Directions: Chop eggs. Mix in the other ingredients.  Sprinkle lightly with Lawry’s seasoning salt.  (Just… Continue reading »

Simple Recipes to Plan a Romantic Dinner for Two

Romantic Dinner for Two You don’t have to wait until Feb. 14th to enjoy a simple romantic dinner with your hubby.  If you need some one-on-one time with your hubby,  you can plan a special dinner date night at home. Set up a separate table somewhere for your kids…with pizza… Continue reading »