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    Free Fun Summer Recipes Download and 8 Ways to Use Citrus Fruits

    I just compiled these easy recipes for you to enjoy…Fun Summer Recipes (Cool Summer Simple Treats).  It’s a FREE download for you!  *Use our share buttons at the end of this post to let your family and friends know about it…so they can cool off too. 😉 Click here to download (PDF) *Save a copy to your computer for easy access later. (Use save icon or “shift + ctrl + s”). Recipes include: Blueberry Fizz Fresh Fruit Popsicles Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream Sandwich Frozen Reese’s S’mores Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream June Bug Mango Berry Slush Mixed Fruit Sorbet/Popsicles Mocha Milkshake Orange Carrot Smoothie Orange Creamsicle Float Fresh Strawberry…

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    Oven-Baked Nachos Recipe

    Thought I’d share a fast fix recipe that would put the Guacamole recipe (that I shared with you yesterday) to good use. No need to run to your local restaurant for delicious nachos. You can make them even better at home and they’re so easy to make! You can make just a small plate for 1 or 2 or make a huge platter to feed a crowd. Note:  If you’re making a large serving, you may need to increase the cook time and even lower the temperature to ensure you don’t burn the chips. The best thing you can do for a large serving is use a large pan and…

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    Easy Delicious Guacamole Recipe

    Easy, Delicious Guacamole[/caption] If you’ve ever peeked on the label of store-bought guacamole, you’ll see all kinds of added ingredients that just don’t really belong there in Guacamole dip.  Our health is being affected with so many additives and preservatives. Does that mean I always fix “fresh” at home?  Sadly, no.  I’m lazy at times or in hurried rush with some other activity that’s going on…and so I grab those handy quick fixes at the grocery store. But…. just aiming to fix more fresh stuff at home and trying to avoid as much processed foods as we can…. even just half the time… can improve our health and help avoid…

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    Mini Taco Bowls

    Ingredients: 8 flour tortillas (6 inch) 1 lb. extra-lean ground beef 1 cup chunky salsa ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese 2 cups chopped lettuce 1 tomato, chopped ¼ cup Ranch dressing Directions: Heat oven to 350°F. Warm tortilla in microwave Line each of 8 muffin cups with 1 tortilla. Carefully fold back edges of tortillas, leaving opening in centers for filling. Bake 10 min. Meanwhile, brown the meat in large skillet; drain. mix in salsa; bring to boil. Simmer on medium-low heat 10 min. Spoon meat mixture into tortilla bowls; top with remaining ingredients. ]]>

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    4th of July Decorations, Food and Activities

    July 4th Decoration Ideas Flags – You can hang a real flag or even a red, white and blue windsock. If you do hang a flag, be sure that it doesn’t touch the ground. Decorate your yard – Add a few accoutrements to your flower garden to subtly accentuate the outside of your home. Patriotic pinwheels interspersed among the flowers can dazzle passers-by. If you are having a get-together at your home, kids can take the pinwheels with them at the end of the event. Red, white and blue centerpieces – For your dining table and also outdoor patio tables (if you are having guests over), welcome the celebration with…