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    Yay! Kids Can Help with the Laundry! (Video)

    Yay! Kids Can Help with the Laundry! (Video) My own kids have been helping to do their own laundry since they were 3 and 4 years old.   I just thought I would share this cute video of  Jendi’s children doing laundry.  I think you’ll really enjoy it! (And hopefully be inspired.) By the way, this is a great summer time “training” project…which should help relieve stress during the busy school year if you have older children. *You can visit Jendi’s blog, by clicking here. Note: By the way if you’re interested in doing your own Vlogging (video blogging), Jendi offers some great tips!  Check it out by clicking here.]]>

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    Rambling About My Weekend…and a sneak peek into my normal routine.

    Rambling About My Weekend…and a sneak peek into my normal routine. Seems like I’ve been awful busy lately coming and going…and planning what’s going to happen next in my kitchen.  I decided to slow down for a moment today and share with you about what’s going on here at the White House. Thursday evening pre-planning takes place…and a little oops! I decided to plan early for Friday morning’s breakfast by whipping up a batch of that peanut butter baked oatmeal.  I spread it in my baking pan, covered it and put it in the fridge so that it would be ready to stick into the oven the next morning. It…

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    My Super Mom Picture

    My Super Mom Picture My 12-year-old son drew this picture of me this week.  At the top of the page it says, “Super Mom“... and as you can see at the bottom… apparently Super Mom cooks super fast!  :-) Just a note to self: Slow down!  No wonder I’m always making a mess in the kitchen! For you moms out there, I want to encourage you not to feel like you have to be super mom all the time.  Remember to delegate jobs.   I started teaching my boys how to fold their own laundry when they were only 4 years old. (And remember, things don’t always have to be perfect!)…

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    How to Have More Spare Time to Do the Things You Want to Do

    How to Have More Spare Time to Do the Things You Want to Do I love having spare time to do things that I like to do such as reading, relaxing or even working online blogging, don’t you? The fact is, spare time is a luxury for moms who are very busy trying to keep order in the house.   Moms are multi-taskers who have to make sure that meals are prepared, clothes are clean, the house is clean and that the kids have their needs met regarding education, appoints  and events, etc. The good news is that you can do certain things to make every precious minute count and…

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    How to Say No And When to Say Yes

    Just Say “No” by Blair Massey What would you do if you were asked to chaperone your child’s field trip but your schedule was already full? Would you say yes and later regretting it? If you struggle with over-committing yourself there is a solution to your dilemma. Just say “No”. It is easier to do than you may think… Why is it Hard to Say No? Why is it hard for us to say no when we are asked to take on commitments that are more than we can handle?  The answer lies at the core of our being.  God designed us to be helpers.  However, when we take this…