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Decorating with Books…Picture this Book!

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Decorating with Books…Picture this Book! I think books are beautiful!  They come in all sizes, shapes and colors…and practically any topic you can think of. Books can used to add a little character and color to any room.  I even keep some very small hardbound books in my bathroom in a wicker basket. My hubby and I recently celebrated our 16th anniversary and on our little get-away we visited a nice little quaint used book shop.  I picked up a pizza recipe book with lots of interesting recipes. (I’ll have to share some of those recipes with you here…so stay tuned!) Anyway, I loved it so much, I decided to purchase a picture display stand to show off my new (used) book.  Nearby on a little chalkboard, I wrote the word “Pizza” to tie my theme together on my shelf. So who else likes to decorate with books? Please do share your ideas!]]>


  • Missy

    I decorate cakes and I have a lot of cake books. I bought a book stand also to display fun cake books on. In my bedroom I have all my books (five bookshelves for just my books) and I have a photo frame that is also a bookend. We had our pictures taken in the library at church and we put those pictures in the picture frames to tie it together. And of course I have an old BIG family bible in the living room, and a big Norman Rockwell Family Bible in The living room for decorations.

    • HCH

      I’ve seen some of your beautiful cakes…you do an outstanding job!

      I think that’s a really great idea…if you have a collection of books on a certain topic, then displaying your collection on a stand would be really cute…and would also be quite a conversational piece when you have guests. (They immediately learn what interests you have which would certainly help spark up a relaxed conversation.)

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