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Dig Your Heels in the Dirt

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Dig Your Heels in the Dirt Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. ~ Proverbs 14:1 I read the above verse to my Sunday school girls this morning. They’re not too young to learn what an awesome opportunity we have as Christian ladies to build our house with our words and our actions.  Sadly, too many married women may make the choice to throw in the towel and wave her hands wearily exclaiming that she’s given up.  America wails about the trees and the whalesbut where are the determined campaigns to save the homes and the broken hearts of the children? Homes are being torn apart every single day.  According to statistics for America, the divorce rate is constantly climbing.  Statistics show that first time marriages fail at the rate of 41%, second time marriages fail at 60%, and third time marriages fail at 73%. The price…the broken pieces of these statistics are the children. The article, “18 Shocking Statistics about Children and Divorce” should cause one to realize the worth of the previous statement. As married women and mothers, we need to dig our heels in the dirt!  We need to determine that Satan will not have our marriage, our children, our home!!! “A wise woman buildeth her house.”  “Buildeth” is the present simple form of “build”.  It takes constant work.  We need to determine to keep building…plugging away….working at it.  That, of course, means we will have to keep working on our marriage and with determination keep learning what we can do to be a better wife and mother. Putting God first to become the best Christians that we possibly can be will help us become the best wives and mothers that we can be as well.   Ladies, there’s power in prayer…so keep praying.  Dig in the Word of God…and then dig your heels in the dirt and stay there! ]]>

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