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Fun Hobbies and Collections

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Fun Hobbies and Collections From the time I was a little girl I’ve had a genuine interest in collecting “stuff”. Could it be hereditary? My dad was a genuine collector of paper and envelopes.  The best part was that his hobby was absolutely free.  Incoming junk mail provided for his growing collection without a single cent forked out on his part. I really love my dad!  He’s progressed over the years to collecting computer parts.  He’s a pro when it comes to messing with computers and putting old parts together to create new usable computers.  I’m enthused over his talent, but I think my mother is slightly weary of his ever-growing collection of parts in the garage. (I don’t blame her though; my hubby has quite a few growing collections that I wouldn’t mind disappearing. lol) During my third grade year, I took up collecting stamps.  My wonderful mother supported my interest by allowing me to confiscate every stamp from incoming mail.  I learned to soak them and safely remove them from the envelopes. For years, I continued watch for new releases of stamps from the post office and watched intently over my growing collection.  I also collected a few other odds and ends such as some coins and pretty rocks. When I was first married, I gained an interest in collecting Coca-Cola items for my kitchen.  Soon,  my kitchen was swamped with lots of this terrific “stuff”.  My passion has slowly turned to things that take up less space and require less commitment, such as my wooden spoons. (view picture here) And as you can see above, I have a very small collection of praying hands. I think most human beings find a fascination in collecting “stuff”.  Collecting a variety of like items tends to offer such simple enjoyment… Of course, it’s collecting something that you have a passion about that makes you a true genuine collector.  I mean, who could find a thrill about collecting worms if you hated them?  I think really it’s the “hunt” for the next item to add to one’s collection that adds to thrill of it all. I believe collections are valuable (not necessarily in the sense of money value)…they inspire conversation and allow you to connect with others who have the same interest.  They allow you to relax for a moment and just enjoy the simple things in life. I’m just wondering what sort of collections or fun hobbies that my readers have?  Please share with us here.  I would love to hear from you! ]]>


  • Shirley

    Well I do not collect much of anything, except maybe souvenirs, but even they must be used and practical, usually I buy Christmas ornaments, reusable cloth bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps, and souvenir cups or plastic popcorn bins when on vacation at our various theme parks and zoos, and I wear them all or use them.
    My husband is the collector and drives me crazy with all his junk. He rents 3 storage units and still hogs most of my closet spaces with his “stuff” all useless old junk that he never uses. He likes anything form the 50’s era and before, mostly he has old car parts and kitchen gadgets, toasters, egg mixers, old juicers, old sandwich presses-all not useable, most do not even work! He drives me nuts!

  • Mary Sparks

    Well, I collect “miniature lamps”. This has come down to me through my mother. She started it; she wanted 100 before she died. Two weeks before she died, I purchased 4 lamps to complete the 100. I am so glad I did! Now I continue and I now have 150. My goal? I don’t have one; right now it is just a reminder of memories.
    I also collect “dice”. For some reason I am enchanted by the different ones. Now I am not actively seeking out new ones, but when I find one different, I just gotta have it.
    A pair of dice old fashion earrings is my favorite.

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