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I’m Blessed with Four Special Men In My Life – and Here’s a Blessing I want to Share

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I’m so blessed with these four special men in my life.  This is my FAMILY… my three sons and my hubby.  As you can see, my three sons have outgrown us. 😉  My oldest son is now in Bible college.  I’m so proud of him!

About my special blessing this Christmas season…

I received these wonderful T-shirts  [Real Men Trust & Obey God No Matter What].   I love the quote on these shirts! That’s exactly what I want to teach my sons.

AND… I received the cutest pillowcase with the many NAMES of our Lord Jesus!

I received these T-shirts and pillowcase from a sweet Christian lady, JoAnn Wilder.   I would like to publicly thank her for her generosity and kindness.   Thank YOU, JoAnn, for blessing our family this Christmas. 🙂

JoAnn sells T-Shirts and Pillows, and also teaches (you can visit her website here:


Here’s my CUTE pillow! 🙂

It has the many names of our Lord Jesus!  I LOVE this pillowcase!

Pillow-names of Lord Jesus

Have a blessed weekend!


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