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Looking Forward to 2010 with a Special New Years Resolution!

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Looking Forward to 2010 with a Special New Year’s Resolution Despite the fact that I went to bed quite late last night…I found myself wide awake this morning at 6 a.m.  In my opinion, this is way too early for a Saturday morning.  I finally crawled out of bed because who wants to waste valuable time tossing the sheets around when there are better things to do. Anyway, I think my alertness this morning is due to the fact that I’m so excited!  I finally revamped this site yesterday (not quite finished yet)…and I’m anxious to start focusing more of my online time here and writing more from the heart and what the Lord leads me to write rather than just posting mere articles.  I’ll still be adding lots of recipes and helpful topics, but I also want to connect more with you this year on a personal level. Now to change the subject…. Newsflash: I’m 42 today…and the Lord has blessed me a lot throughout all these years.  I have a nice friend at church who told me not to worry about my birthday.  She claims that I look like I’m only in my thirties.  (Everyone needs a friend like that! :-P)   I don’t even have to pay her a dime for those compliments. But seriously, any claimed youthfulness comes from the Lord blessing me with great health.  And yes, I’ve struggled with some health issues (such as my thyroid), but the Lord is showing me that the body can heal itself quite remarkably if I feed it right; therefore, I’ve decided to share some health topics here on my site because a Christian home should strive for good health.  Side note: I’m adding “health” to my categories list right now for this site. [caption id="attachment_426" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Too much junk food during Christmas season caused me to become ill. I'm determined to eat healthier next year!"][/caption] ….. So, how about it, ladies?

Join me in a Special New Year’s Resolution:

Let’s add to our list of things to accomplish in this new year of 2010…a healthier home and healthier eating habits!

Wishing you all the best!  Have a super day!

~ Rhonda


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