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My Super Mom Picture

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My Super Mom Picture My 12-year-old son drew this picture of me this week.  At the top of the page it says, “Super Mom... and as you can see at the bottom… apparently Super Mom cooks super fast:-) Just a note to self: Slow down!  No wonder I’m always making a mess in the kitchen! For you moms out there, I want to encourage you not to feel like you have to be super mom all the time.  Remember to delegate jobs.   I started teaching my boys how to fold their own laundry when they were only 4 years old. (And remember, things don’t always have to be perfect!) Does delegating  housework make me less of a mom? No, it definitely allows me to be an “unstressed” mom…and believe me, that’s a relief to everybody in our house! lol How about you all? How do you get your kids involved at home?  Please share any tips or ideas! ]]>


  • Debbie

    I have tried the chore charts and reward systems, only to forget to use them after a while. What works best for me is to decide what I need done each day and which one of those things I want help with. I usually assign one chore each day to each child. Many days it is the same chore (garbage, dishwasher, etc.). This seems to work for us.

    • HCH


      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing what works for you. I totally agree with you. Chore charts do get forgotten or wear off on interest.

      I do find, too, that asking my boys to help with tasks that I have to do that day works great. If one of them has a lot of homework then another one can help me.

      One new thing that we started doing is having a “10 minute cleanup” after supper. This is just a time to put things away and clean up a little bit. Sometimes I’ll send one of my boys to the car with a plastic sack to gather trash, etc. That way we’re covering a lot of area during our 10 min. cleanup.

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