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Sharing Secrets with Your Children

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Sharing Secrets with Your Children Do you remember how it felt when your close friend shared a secret with you?  Didn’t it make you feel kind of special?  Even privileged and honored that your friend trusted you with her valuable secret? On a deeper level, I believe it created a closer bond between the two of you…after all, you both shared some secret information that none of the rest the world around you knew. I love to share secrets with my boys.  I like making them feel like they’re really special to me when I share something that nobody else knows.  For instance, last night I shared a simple secret with my 12-year-old son.  I whispered quietly to him that I have a pumpkin pie hidden in the back of the fridge for Wednesday night after church.  I could tell that he was thrilled.  He promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone…and I know that I can trust him. Of course, I do this with all of my boys from time to time.  I share silly secrets that really don’t mean anything…but they still seem to make my boys feel special.  On the other hand, I’ve also had a serious discussion with them about when one should keep information to themselves and occasions when one should tell information that they know. Sharing fun, silly secrets with your children can be so enjoyable.  You’ll even find yourself feeling like a little kid again, too…sharing little giggles, whispers, winks, and those little mischievous grins. ]]>

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