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Spring Break Celebration and Giveaway!

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Spring Break Celebration and Giveaway! Well, I am really looking forward to spring break soon.  Even if your kids aren’t in school, why not take some sort of break for spring to do some things you’d REALLY like to do.  (In other words, schedule some time in for some spring time fun!) While we’re on the subject of spring, I want to share with you about a delightful free giveaway: On The Vintage Pearl blog, there is a giveaway for a couple of $50 gift certificates.  (You’ll want to enter the giveaway…their  unique hand-stamped jewelry is so adorable!  You’ll want an item or two, I guarantee!) Oh, how I would love to win and wear one on Mother’s Day! For my own entry, I used the word “spring” to make an acronym for my simple plans: (FYI:  You don’t have to get creative at all to enter, just make a post about your spring break.) S – Spend extra time with my family laughing, walking to the park, playing monopoly. P – Plant some flowers (I bought the seeds last week.) R – Rummage through some junk to haul off in order to prepare for spring cleaning. I – Indulge in some simple self pleasures such as an afternoon nap, reading a book, watching some home videos, blogging N –  Nibble on some of my favorite treats such as dark chocolate and one of those Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (I eat one each spring…they’re my favorite…so fresh and full of delicious peanut butter. Yum!) G – Give my hubby some extra needed attention. (Back rub, go on a date, make his favorite cookies.) By the way, you can share  your plans about your spring break with me as well before you enter.  I’d love to hear what you’ve got in store!]]>

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