Monthly Bible Memory Verse Challenge – Month 7 – Love

Bible Memory Verse Challenge Love

I’ve chosen the word “LOVE” for this month.  As this is February, I know our thoughts are often on the topic of love. These verses are fairly short, but fun to learn and good to know. Personal Note:  January’s Bible Memory Verse were the BIGGEST challenge ever.  I didn’t realize… Continue reading »

Why Should You Read the Bible? 12 Benefits

Why You Should Read the Bible #devotionalsforwomen

Why Should You Read the Bible? Did you know that more than likely you’ll QUIT any goal or challenge without knowing exactly “why” you should reach that goal or why you really want to accomplish it? >>> Before we start the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge (tomorrow), I want to share… Continue reading »

Monthly Bible Memory Verse Challenge – Month 6 – Serve

Bible Memory Verse Challenge - Giving

I’ve chosen the word “SERVE” for this month.  As we begin a new year, I want to think of all the opportunities to serve the Lord MORE than I did last year. [Personal Note from Me:  My Word for 2018:] I like to choose a personal focus word each year,… Continue reading »

Lessons Learned Through Grief – Guest Post

Who comforteth us II Corinthians 1:4 kjv #bibleverses #kjv #comfort

Today I’m sharing a guest post by Jane Coley, Missionary Wife, Kenya… December 17, 2017 ~ Three years ago today (1096 days) after suffering with the flu, our Kimberly went to Heaven, not because she was good but because she knew the Savior.  As I grieve for my daughter, there… Continue reading »

The Critic’s Cure and my book review on Character

Recommended Book: (my referral link) Character — The one thing money can’t buy – the one thing you can’t afford to be without!  by Dr. Jeff Owens The Critic’s Cure *Page 159 Avoid other critics. (Romans 16:17) Talk right. (Psalms 19:14) Confess your sin of criticism to God. (I John… Continue reading »

With God There Are No Surprises

With God There Are No Surprises #womensdevotionals #kjv

Sometimes I love surprises… That is, “when” they land in my own favor and advantage.  For example, a short while back my hubby brought me home a white rose with baby’s breath.  It was totally unexpected because it wasn’t my birthday or anniversary.  It was certainly a nice, little surprise…. Continue reading »

Monthly Bible Memory Verse Challenge – Month 5 – Giving

Bible Memory Verse Challenge - Giving

I thought the topic of giving would be perfect for this month. And, because it’s a super busy month for all of us, the verses that I chose are rather short, but very practical for this season. NOTE: If you get behind, do NOT worry. I do want to challenge… Continue reading »

Facing Trials In Life… You’re Not Alone

Facing trials in life... You're Not Alone #facingtrials #Godisalwayswithyou

Guest post by Kristina Duncan, Pastor’s Wife  Victory Baptist Church, Pleasant Prairie, WI The Book of Psalms has been such a huge encouragement to me over the years. During this season that is designated by the world as Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think of the verses in Psalms 107:1,2, … Continue reading »

It’s Worth Repeating Four Times!

Praise the Lord Psalms 107:21 kjv

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Just a few quick thoughts to share with you today because I know every lady is super busy this week… Have you ever said, “Oh, how I wish ________!” (fill in the blank)? Psalms 107:8 says, “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness,… Continue reading »

Letting Go and Forgiving the One Who Did You Wrong

letting go and forgiving #forgiveness #womensdevotionals

Avoid being the captive…the prisoner by letting go and forgiving the one who did you wrong… “Forgiveness does not release the evildoer from his debt; it releases the one who forgives from his captor.” *Resource mentioned in the video:  Christian Womanhood magazine *Recommended Book: Unbroken: A World War II… Continue reading »