• Start your own greeting card ministry with Dollar Tree greeting cards
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    Start Your Own Greeting Card Ministry With Greeting Cards from Dollar Tree

    A great ministry for Christian ladies to start is a Greeting Card ministry. What a blessing you can be to others by simply sharing encouraging, thoughtful words. But, if you’re like me, coming up with the right words to say can sometimes be quite difficult, so purchasing greeting cards that already have some thoughtful expressions included inside can sure be helpful. 🙂 A few suggestions for your greeting card ministry: Ask your church for a list of addresses for shut-ins who cannot attend services. Send your pastor’s wife an occasional card with a word of encouragement. Ask to be notified of church members who are admitted in the hospital. Send…

  • Bullet Journal Stencils Product Review - Amazing Value
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    20 Bullet Journal Stencils Product Review – Amazing Value!

    I love these bullet journal stencils >>> and they can be used for other craft projects, such as making greeting cards. (I’m going to use them for my morning Bible journal…and for creating cards.) After reading through all the reviews for this product on Amazon, I decided to order these, and I have been so happy and thrilled to have them…. for only about 32 cents each (at the time of this writing) is an amazing value. If you’re into DIY stuff, you’ll also find it handy for creating cute labels for your DIY products. *My referral link below… MORSLER Bullet Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Stencils Journal/Notebook/Diary/Scrapbook DIY Drawing Template…

  • Modest skirt product review #modestskirts #productreview
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    Reviewing a Modest Skirt — Annie Floral Skirt by Cleo Madison

    Hello ladies! This is my first time to do a product review on a piece of clothing.  I was certainly excited about receiving this item from Cleo Madison, and I want to thank them for the opportunity to do the review and for the pretty skirt. Truthfully, I wanted to do photo shots OUTSIDE with beautiful, complimentary scenery.  Unfortunately, the weather was extremely cold and I could not endure the coldness because I was under the weather.  For plan B, I asked my middle son to snap a few shots inside my church after services. So, I’m sharing those with you today. 🙂 The skirt I chose, the Annie Floral Skirt,…

  • he Best Garlic Press I've Owned - Makidar Garlic Press Product Review #kitchenproductreviews #garlicpress
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    The Best Garlic Press We’ve Ever Owned – Product Review

    The last garlic press I owned was worthless. After months and months of peeling garlic and mincing it manually, I finally purchased another garlic press.  I felt that this would be a good, intentional purchase because I cook with garlic a LOT.  At least two recipes that I make, I use a WHOLE head of garlic. I love adding garlic to my salads and soups, especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather because garlic is great for fighting off those unwanted germs in your body which make you sick. I invested some spare time reading through tons of feedback from customers on various garlic presses.  I wanted something…