• How to Find Comfort During Hurtful Times #comfort #devotional
    21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

    Day 7 – How to Find Comfort During Hurtful Times

    Day 7 – How to Find Comfort During Hurtful Times Good morning! TODAY you have completed your FIRST week for our challenge!!!  I’m sooooooo proud of you! >> SIDE NOTE: Tomorrow will be the start of WEEK 2 so plan to add 5 MORE minutes to your morning Bible reading routine if your goal is to increase more Bible reading “time” for this year. *Join us in our 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge at any time! We all have hurts in life. It’s an unavoidable part of life because we live in a sinful world. Do you still have a lingering hurt? There’s an old saying that ‘time heals all wounds’.  The…

  • how do you overcome fear in fearful times #overcomefear #fear

    How Do You Overcome Fear During Fearful Times

    Aren’t we living in scary times? Have you felt fearful when turning on the news and you begin hearing about all the turmoil that our world is facing? Our human nature desires security and instinctively fights for survival. We long for peace. We seek health, happiness, financial security and safety.  We MUST have food and shelter at the very least. So what do we do while we’re living in times when we begin to fear the lack of protection for our children and our families? How do we except the vast changes in our modern society? How do you overcome fear during fearful times? The answers are quite simple… 1.…