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The Real Truth About Kitchen Gadgets

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The Real Truth About Kitchen Gadgets I love kitchen gadgets!  The reality: you can find yourself loaded down with too many of these kitchen “thingys.”  (“Thingy” is what you call the gadget when you really can’t remember its proper title or what you originally bought the thing for?!?) Have  you ever bought a kitchen gadget that was a total flop? You probably felt a little cheated…and perhaps you tried to create some other use for the “thingy” so that you could compensate for some of the loss.  Yep, I’ve been there too! Some people have drawers stuffed full of these gadgets…and when they really need a specific one, they rummage through the drawers frantically trying to locate the thing so that they can get the job done.  Finally in desperation, they grab some other object in their kitchen drawer, shrug their shoulders and say, “I guess I’ll have to make do this this thingy.” So, you see…the sad truth is, most kitchen gadgets get quite lonely and neglected. I’m a simple kind of gal though…I like simple, timeless gadgets that don’t take up much space; you can depend on them like you depend on your house slippers…they serve their purpose and they give you a nice, homey feeling. Some of my favorite kitchen gadgets are: 1. Kitchen timer (It’s uses are limitless…beyond the kitchen!) 2. Handheld grater (Great for cheese, but you can also shred the black bottoms off of those burnt biscuits! lol) 3. Cleaver (Get’s the job done fast! lol) 4. Egg Beater (Quickly mixes my batter and it’s so fun to use!) 5. Wooden spoons (Maybe these don’t qualify as gadgets, but I love collecting them!) So what are your favorite kitchen gadgets?  Please do share! ]]>


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    I try not to buy too many gadgets too b/c they clutter the kitchen counter up and I like a lot of wide open space in a room, but I do love my food processor I got for Christmas-now I can make my own homemade salsas and guacamole so easy (and so I do more often), I also can finally easily chop nuts. I use a hand mixer but wouldn’t want to be without it. I do have a hand held old-fashioned can opener, I used an electric one all my life till I married and my husband brought in his hand held one, slowly I found that I too was reaching for the hand held in the drawer and ignoring the electric one, it was a counter clogger and eventually I just gave it to Goodwill.
    I also use a small metal wire fruit and vegetable strainer to sift flour and 10X sugar through using a wooden spoon and got rid of my clunky traditional sifter to free up kitchen cabinet space.

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    Using a grater to get the burnt side off of a THAT is a great idea. 🙂 I’ll have to remember that the next time I get distracted with the kids and forget I put something in the oven! Thanks for the tip!

  • Rhonda


    Thanks, Shirley for sharing your favorite gadgets. I, too, have been using a handheld can opener for years. I’m left-handed and for some reason it was always awkward using electrical can openers, so when I was a teen, my mom gave me a handheld can opener to use.

    Christina, you’re welcome. Kids can EASILY get you distracted! It’s happened to me so often. lol

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    I have several items that I love to use in the kitchen, but I think one of the handiest things is a handheld strainer…you know, one of those that looks like a spatula, but has the strainer holes, it fits right along the edge of the pot…I love this for when I am making small things, such as macaroni and cheese, for the kids. I grab this “thingy” as opposed to getting out the big strainer. So much easier to use for small jobs! I’m one of those people who don’t like to clutter up my counters, too!

    • Rhonda



      That would be a handy gadget to have on hand. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those thingys for myself. I’ve seen them at the store…I’ll have to keep a lookout…the next time I see one at the thrift store I’ll have to grab it!

      Thanks for sharing!

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    I tried one of those hand-held strainers, and I am not coordinated enough to use it! I kept losing my food in the sink! 🙂 I love my pampered chef chopper, I use it almost everyday. It has minimal cleanup and I can chop anything (but not dates) in it! I also got these great flatish, kind of square spoons (I think they were used for ice cream scoops)from when the cafe closed in the bookstore I was working at. I use them more than anything else because they are just the right size for stirring and dishing out food. And of course for ice cream!

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