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Wednesday's 3 Minute Devotion: Are You Looking Back?

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by Mary Sparks, Pastor’s wife, Joplin MO

No man having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God.  – Luke 9:62

As a homemaker/housewife we lead busy lives. Our children demand our attention; our husbands demand attention; your body demands attention to keep the energy level up. We put our hands “to the plow” and work diligently. Our work is not always rewarding; we do it sometimes out of drudgery, sometimes out of necessity, and at other times out of pure joy. We sometimes think to ourselves “if only I had….” Perhaps we could finish the sentence with “a lot of money”, or “four hands”, or “someone to help”. Again, we have put our hands to the plow and now we find ourselves looking elsewhere or perhaps even to the time when we had no husband or no children or no college courses to take. Satan can get us sidetracked into thinking we need a change. Look at how “so and so” is doing, they don’t seem to have many problems. Why do things seem so complicated? Why does life seem so hard? Why not take a step back and access the situation. Now, it is time to take 10, 20, 30 minutes to meditate on God’s goodness. When we begin to think about all He has provided, all He has given, all the love He shows us, we cannot help but rejoice evermore. Where would we be if it were not for His goodness and His grace! Making ourselves “fit for the kingdom of God” seems as it might be talking about ‘works’ for salvation; however, we know according to God’s Word this is not the case. (*Ephesians 2:8,9) Make yourself presentable to your husband, your children, or your friends. Soon you will be taking pride in doing something special for others and those small tasks that seem so demanding will be almost null and void. It is when we take the time to truly do something for others because we just want to that we receive gratification.]]>

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