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You Might Be Doing It All Wrong

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Giving Thanks - Colossians 3 17

I know at this time of year we’re all focused on “thankfulness.”  That is the popular topic right now on social media and blogs, etc.  Today, I want to dig a little deeper on what’s going on underneath.

As Christians, we aim to be kind and do things to help others… but did you know we can be doing and saying all the right things and still be doing it all wrong?

Our real motives can get quite messy…

Other people see your deeds… God sees you motives.

Some examples of wrong motives:

Doing things to be seen by others; we hope to receive a pat on the back. [Matthew 16:1]

Praying… specifically for our own fleshly gain. [James 4:3]

A few other things that motivate us…

  • Fear
  • Manipulate others
  • Our own fleshly desires
  • Seeking approval from others

Yes, we can still be a blessing in helping others….even when our motives aren’t quite what they should be.  We are all flesh by nature…so sometimes even when we’re trying to do right… we may not really feel like it.

I say, choose to do right even when you don’t feel like it. Go to church even though you’d rather be home. I do believe God is merciful and remembers we’re flesh.

On the other hand, our wrong motives ROB us of many blessings from God.

There’s good news…

Our true motives CAN change when our heart changes — to one of gratitude and thankfulness for what God has done for us.  And by walking in the spirit and NOT the flesh.

Remember Galatians 5:16…

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

Read MORE of God’s Word daily… you must feed the spirit way more than you feed the flesh.

What next?

Evaluate your motives:

Usually when we do things for the wrong reason…the motive points back to “Me”….what I have to gain.. It’s NOT in the name of the Lord Jesus or for His glory!

God is more interested in WHY we do what we do.  Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus… for HIS glory!  And do it while giving thanks because that will set our heart and attitude right in serving our Savior.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. -Colossians 3:17

God bless your week ahead,


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