• Delight thyself also in the Lord Psalms 37:4 kjv #Psalms #devotional
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    Don’t Miss Out on God’s Blessings!

    Don’t you just LOVE giving things to your children and watching the excitement, enthusiasm and expressions on their faces?  The delight in their eyes melts your heart. What makes you want to give them things you know they’ll like?  It’s because we love them, of course. There are those times; however, when our spirit is NOT so giving. The disobedience of your children can frustrate you…even to the point of exhaustion at times. (“Lock-yourself-in-the-bathroom to hide” type of frustration ) 😉 If one of my sons were very disobedient one day, how silly it would be for me to say, “Son, you’ve just been so bad today…let’s go out for…