• Help! Am I 100% Sure I'm Going to Heaven?
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    Help! Am I 100% Sure That I’m Going to Heaven?

    The purpose of today’s post is specifically for those of you who have already accepted Jesus’ gift of eternal life, but still struggle with DOUBT. SIDE NOTE: If there’s NEVER been a time when you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior, WHO paid your way to Heaven, then please read this post: https://herchristianhome.com/why-im-a-guilty-sinner-and-needed-forgiveness/ Why is assurance of our Salvation necessary? >> First, We won’t have true VICTORY and PEACE in our life until we get it settled. Satan would like nothing more than to see us squirm in misery and doubt the rest of our lives. God NEVER wanted to leave us hanging in DOUBT of His power to keep us…