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    Be Content.

    It was last Saturday that I had my first little meltdown about this whole corona virus quarantine situation… I wasn’t crying over materialist things that I didn’t have or couldn’t have, but rather, it was the fact that life has changed so drastically. I wanted to go see my parents. I wanted to be in church and Sunday school. I wanted to go see the sweet people from our nursing home ministry. Despite being an introvert, I WANTED to be around people! It was shortly after this meltdown when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, that I saw a grim photo that instantly stilled my heart and made it…

  • How to Bring More Joy Into Your Life
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    How to Bring More Joy Into Your Life – 17 Useful Tips to Make Today Better

    Just waiting for JOY and HAPPINESS to show up in your life isn’t likely to get great, steady results. Like so many things in life, finding JOY is a proactive thing… you’ve got to make it happen! Now, realize the difference between JOY and temporary happiness…  Receiving a gift might bring temporary feelings of “happiness.” When your hubby gets a raise at work, that might also make you feel temporarily “happy.“ True JOY, on the other hand, can be a continual state of emotional and mental peace. True JOY; as a state of being internally enriched with peace and happiness, is something that truly is obtainable for all Christians. JOY…

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    30 Days of Gratitude Devotionals – Free Until the End of November!

    I just finished editing my “30 Days of Gratitude Devotionals”… You can watch the video below where I share one of the devotionals, and then give you a glimpse of what’s inside.  This is FREE until the end of November. BUT…. this is intended for my newsletter subscribers only.  So please be sure to join!  I will send out the special download link each week when I send out my newsletter. *NOTE: If you’re a new subscriber, after you join, please check your confirmation email, and there you’ll find your download link! 🙂  

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    Free Printable Gratitude Journal Download PLUS $25 Gift Card Giveaway

    UPDATE:   The winner is Monique Rizzo!  I will be contacting you today regarding sending your prize.  Please respond to my email within 72 hours. Thank you everyone who participated and especially those who shared the giveaway. 🙂 For quite a long while, I’ve been wanting to do a FREE Giveaway for the community here, and now I’m ready to go! ***Don’t miss my FREE Printable Gratitude Journal DOWNLOAD below the giveaway entry form!! I love these absolutely adorable pens from #PenGems (my referral link) and have given them away as small gifts to friends.  With Christmas coming soon, they also make great stocking stuffers as well as cute gifts for…

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    Gain Greatly by Turning Grumbling to Gratitude

    *Updated!  Originally posted in January of 2010. Have you ever had one of those days that absolutely nothing went right and you thought to yourself, “I should have just stayed in bed?” Perhaps you muddled on through the day responding to others with the shortest answers possible because you just knew the day wasn’t going to get any better — and you couldn’t muster up any more strength to interact in any deep conversations. It’s true that we all have bad days, but we miss the opportunity to be a blessing to others when we sulk about our own circumstances.  I believe we also miss the opportunity to be thanking…