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    Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

    It’s summertime and I just LOVE a fresh, juicy watermelon. But, have you ever gone to buy a watermelon, hauled it home, heaved it inside the fridge to chill, only to slice it open and be extremely disappointed by the sight? Sometimes you’ll discover a watermelon that’s all whitish and barely pink. Instantly you know you got the bad end of the deal with your purchase. At other times, you might have sliced open a watermelon and it’s so seedy that you can barely enjoy the pleasure of eating it.  Maybe you even got one that was too sour or worse, mushy? What a disappointment! From the outside, a watermelon…

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    Wisdom is Calling to You

    This is a guest devotional by Kathy McCullough A little over a year ago in the early morning hours, I was reading my Bible as I do each morning. It was still dark outside and I had opened the living room blinds to watch the sun come up As I was watching the sun peeking through the trees with all its colorful glory, I was also reading the Proverb chapter of the day. It was talking about wisdom. I could not help but see how the faithful sun that comes up in the morning was just one of the faithful ways that God shows us WHO HE IS and His…

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    What a Deal!

    This is a guest devotional by Rhonda Burke, Blanchester, Ohio. It gives me great pleasure to find a deal when I am shopping. I watch to see when Goodwill sells everything that can be placed in a sack for $5. It is so wonderful to find fifty percent off at a clothing store. I enjoy eating the daily special at a restaurant. My favorite is BOGO (buy one, get one free)! Now that’s a deal! The free item accompanies the purchased item. God has the greatest deal of all deals for us.  His gift of salvation is FREE to us, but it was bought by a great price, the death of…

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    The Preparation and Presence of Biblical Hospitality

    This is a guest post by Jamie Lamson Biblical hospitality is a virtue that has grown in my heart over the past couple of years. As I began fostering a nurturing and welcoming environment for my husband and children, I have noticed that my home has evolved into an open door and a seat at my table for anyone Jesus would bring my way. When I think about biblical hospitality, I am instantly reminded of Mary and Martha, the sisters from Bethany (Luke 10:38 to 42). Both have unique strengths and visions, and I believe that we, as believers, can relate to either sister in some form or capacity. Both…

  • Protection, Provision, Plan of God KJV Devotional
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    Pondering the Protection, Provision and Plan of God

    Guest post by Mary Sparks, pastor’s wife, Joplin, Missouri I’ve learned some lessons about Moses. As I have recently retired from working for the same company nearly 20 years, I have been thinking about God’s Protection and God’s Provision. Psalm 121:2 says, “My help cometh from the Lord; which made heaven and earth.” The mother of Moses must have had some slight fears when she learned that all the firstborn babies were to be killed. She must have immediately gone into “planning mode”. A basket of sorts was prepared, and a trip down to the river bank was treaded with much prayer for the safety of her child. Placing him…