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    Christian Bloggers Weekly Round-Up Magazine – Issue 03

    Note: I decided to rename my weekly project as “Christian Bloggers Weekly Round-up Magazine” — It seems more fitting…it’s a chance to feature other Christian bloggers and share their homes, recipes, projects and above all their hearts. You’ll find my picks of: – Devotionals – Recipes – Easy Crafts – and more… Read it now (Click the image to the right or link below): You can find it hosted online here at Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/123223144/Christian-Bloggers-Weekly-Round-UP-Magazine-Issue-03   A Bible Verse to Ponder (and memorize if you haven’t yet) for the weekend: Please have a wonderful Weekend!!  I’ll chat with you soon!  Please join me over on Facebook to stay connected. ]]>