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    What a Deal!

    This is a guest devotional by Rhonda Burke, Blanchester, Ohio. It gives me great pleasure to find a deal when I am shopping. I watch to see when Goodwill sells everything that can be placed in a sack for $5. It is so wonderful to find fifty percent off at a clothing store. I enjoy eating the daily special at a restaurant. My favorite is BOGO (buy one, get one free)! Now that’s a deal! The free item accompanies the purchased item. God has the greatest deal of all deals for us.  His gift of salvation is FREE to us, but it was bought by a great price, the death of…

  • Help! Am I 100% Sure I'm Going to Heaven?
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    Help! Am I 100% Sure That I’m Going to Heaven?

    The purpose of today’s post is specifically for those of you who have already accepted Jesus’ gift of eternal life, but still struggle with DOUBT. SIDE NOTE: If there’s NEVER been a time when you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior, WHO paid your way to Heaven, then please read this post: https://herchristianhome.com/why-im-a-guilty-sinner-and-needed-forgiveness/ Why is assurance of our Salvation necessary? >> First, We won’t have true VICTORY and PEACE in our life until we get it settled. Satan would like nothing more than to see us squirm in misery and doubt the rest of our lives. God NEVER wanted to leave us hanging in DOUBT of His power to keep us…

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    Why I’m a Guilty Sinner and Needed Forgiveness

    Today I want to express how grateful and thankful I am for my Salvation. So, why would I even NEED salvation?  After all, I don’t consider myself that “bad of a sinner“… I haven’t robbed any banks or committed any murders or stole my best friend’s husband. In fact, I’ve never smoked, nor tasted a drop of alcohol, nor even cursed in my life… I stood at the marriage altar in purity… but still I am a sinner and was a sinner in great need of Salvation. You see, I can’t keep the whole law… God knows I’m not able to do so. The Ten Commandments are like a mirror…it…