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    6 Obstacles to Reading our Bible and My Best Tips to Read More (Video)

    Here’s the video I promised about obstacles to reading our Bible.  I HOPE you’ll take time to watch it as I also share some of my BEST tips to incorporating more Bible reading and prayer time into your day. Side note: Even though some of you may not prefer videos, I try to include some videos for those who do like them. Also, some topics that I cover seems to be too much to write into one blog post, so offering a video makes better sense.  

  • How I quickly create and share social media images video #bloggingtips #blogginghelp #socialmediamarketing
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    How I Quickly Create and Share Social Media Images – Video

    If you’re a Christian blogger, then you probably understand the importance of creating quality Christian-related graphics and using social media to draw more traffic to your content.  In this video, I’m sharing one of my favorite software tools and demonstrating how I quickly create and share social media images. *Resource mentioned in video: Get Stencil (my referral link)

  • he Best Garlic Press I've Owned - Makidar Garlic Press Product Review #kitchenproductreviews #garlicpress
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    The Best Garlic Press We’ve Ever Owned – Product Review

    The last garlic press I owned was worthless. After months and months of peeling garlic and mincing it manually, I finally purchased another garlic press.  I felt that this would be a good, intentional purchase because I cook with garlic a LOT.  At least two recipes that I make, I use a WHOLE head of garlic. I love adding garlic to my salads and soups, especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather because garlic is great for fighting off those unwanted germs in your body which make you sick. I invested some spare time reading through tons of feedback from customers on various garlic presses.  I wanted something…

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    Home Organization Series – The Dump Spot – Day 1

    Day 1- The “Spot” Today’s task is to tackle “the spot”. You know the one. It’s the spot where you dump everything when you come home from work. For some, it’s that little counter to the side of the fridge. For others, it’s the table in the foyer. It doesn’t matter where it is for you. Just get an empty box and dump everything in it. Everything. Wipe “the spot” so that it’s nice and clean. Admire the “clean spot” for a moment. Ok, now, it’s time to get to work. Set yourself up at the dining room table or your kitchen island. Now, we’re going to sort through the…

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    Video: How to Make Your Own Pure Stevia and Liquid Stevia

    After my growing interest in gardening this year and also reading and enjoying the  lifestyle (love it!!)… I found this video and have plans to add Stevia to my future gardening plans. I don’t plan to use a lot of this, but when I get to craving something extra sweet, I’d like to have an alternative sweetener that will keep my blood sugar levels from spiking too high. You’ll find this video about making your own pure Stevia at home very interesting… What Is Stevia? Stevia is a natural sweetener and an alternative to sugar. It is produced from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. These leaves have been…