• How to Create a Printable for Your Blog
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    How to Create a Printable For Your Blog or Ministry

    Today’s video shows you “how to create a printable for your blog” (or ministry). *Note:  I’m going to be rebranding my “blogging help” videos (starting today) on another YouTube channel… I decided that I didn’t want to keep mixing my “blogging help” videos with my other collection of videos on my YouTube channel for herChristianhome.  *The branding colors will be blue & orange for this separate channel. CHECKLIST for Creating a Printable for Your Blog or Ministry: Step 1:  Gather the content you want for your printable. (You can insert pictures, too!) Step 2: Open Powerpoint.  (This option is less fussy for aligning sections for your printable.) Step 3: Click “Design” >> To…

  • Should I start a Christian blog? #blogginghelp #christianblogger
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    Should I Start a Christian Blog?

    *Affiliate links have been used in this post. I may earn a commission through my referral links. Should I Start a Christian Blog? In August (2018), I’ll be celebrating my 10-year anniversary for HCH. (Yay!) Over the years, I’ve been up and down with my blog writing activities. I used to have several sites, so truthfully, I wasn’t fully committed to HCH until the last year or so.  I just couldn’t keep up with all my online tasks, especially as a homeschooling mom. Before answering the question, “Should I start a christian blog,” you need to consider that there’s a certain amount of commitment to maintain a blog. What tasks…

  • How I quickly create and share social media images video #bloggingtips #blogginghelp #socialmediamarketing
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    How I Quickly Create and Share Social Media Images – Video

    If you’re a Christian blogger, then you probably understand the importance of creating quality Christian-related graphics and using social media to draw more traffic to your content.  In this video, I’m sharing one of my favorite software tools and demonstrating how I quickly create and share social media images. *Resource mentioned in video: Get Stencil (my referral link)

  • 21 blogging tips to grow a successful blog #bloggingtips #christianblogging
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    21 Blogging Tips to Grow a Successful Blog

    This will be my first time discussing the topic of blogging here at HCH.  I used to have a blog dedicated just to online marketing and blogging, but when I finally closed that down last year, I really missed writing about blogging and online marketing. I thought it would not be a perfect fit for here at HCH, but after realizing that other bloggers have included their own category on the topic of blogging, and also realizing that it is indeed one of my passions, it finally made sense to me that I should still write about it occasionally. I want to share some of my knowledge with readers who…