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    Diy Lemon Vinegar Cleaning Spray

    You only need 3 minutes to make your own DIY cleaner… This quick, easy 3-minute DIY project can save you tons of money on purchasing commercial cleaning projects. I love to use natural products…it protects us from breathing in a lot of chemicals…and it’s cheaper! Vinegar can help battle mold..and lemon can kill bacteria and other germs. Put them together and we have a great team! 🙂 (Note: Don’t use this solution on granite and marble!) The key to avoiding heavy-duty cleaning work…. I believe the key to avoid scrubbing and dreadful cleaning efforts is to do a frequent maintenance. I keep this solution in my bathroom and any time…

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    Home Organization Series – The Family Room – Day 4

    Day 4 – The Family Room Today we are tackling one of the messiest rooms in the house. The Family Room. Take a deep breath and let’s get to it!! Grab four tubs or boxes and label them: “Toss”, “Donate”, “Keep” and “Relocate”. Keep is for items that will stay in this room. Relocate is for things that need to go somewhere else in the house. Starting in a corner, work your way around the room. Clear off the top of each horizontal surface and empty out every drawer. Put the items in the appropriate bins. (Toss and Donate are self-explanatory.) ==>> Be strict with yourself about what you keep.…

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    Home Organization Series – The Front Closet – Day 2

    *Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links have been used in this post. Day 2 – Front Closet On day 2, you taking another step closer to getting your home organized. Ready for your next task? Let’s tackle the front closet today. – Step one: Take everything out. The coats, the hangers, the boxes – everything. – Step two: Sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe down the shelf. Before you just stick everything back in and close the door – stop. Sort through what you own. – Step three: Let’s do some de-cluttering! Here’s some questions to ask… Do you really need it? Does it still fit? Does it need repaired? (Set…

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    10 Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home on a Budget

    *Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links have been used in this post. Springtime is finally upon us! I love spring because it represents a fresh new beginning….it’s a time of change, renewal and warmer days. This season is the perfect time to freshen up your home as well. Yes, I automatically get into the mindset of “spring cleaning” but today I’m sharing 10 easy ways to fresh your home on a budget before you even get into the full swing of spring cleaning….so that you can make the most of springtime! Open up your windows. During the winter months the windows stay closed. Your indoor air becomes stale. In fact, indoor pollution…

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    How to Get Rid of Your Clutter and Enjoy Some Serenity in Your Home

    I’ve been married for 21 years now… and through the years we’ve collected WAY more than we necessarily need. I know it can be a challenge if you have others in your household that insist on collecting “stuff”… LOTS of “stuff”.  🙂 Personally, the change had to start with me. Example speaks louder than words. I began purposely creating clean spaces around me and enjoying the pure “serenity” of my clutter-free zones.  I think and focus better.  (Ahhh… I just took a nice sip of my tea… things even taste better while sitting at a clean, clear organized desk.)  😉 This journey has been (and IS… since I’m still working…