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    Super Bubbles Recipe – Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

    Do you ever outgrow bubbles? I think not!  I still love them myself. 😉 Get your kids outside more by mixing up a simple solution of super bubbles and send them on their way to have some outside summer fun!   Mix and enjoy lots of super bubbles! 1 Cup Warm Water 2 TB liquid dish soap 1 TB glycerin 1 tsp. white sugar             Summer Related articles on the web… Melon Bubbles Recipe Get Grilling! Three Summer Recipes Fresh Deep-dish Apple Pie Recipe Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere: Fun Bubble Activities for Preschoolers ]]>

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    The Top Five Basic Tools Every Home Should Have

    handy with tools, but a few basic tools can help you accomplish small projects on your own without relying on your hubby to do them all. Downside is that tools can be quite expensive, and it’s easy to end up with too many tools that don’t offer much help. So, here a simple list of the top five basic tools every home should have. 1. Hammer There’s no doubt about it – a hammer is one of the most important tools you can have around the house. The most versatile type of hammer is a claw hammer, which has two flat prongs on the end through which you can pry…

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    5 Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Diy

    Well, every Mother’s Day I feel like it’s my birthday.  Since my birthday is immediately after the Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebration, I look forward to feeling a little extra special on Mother’s Day.  Each year I go eat a Braum’s hamburger and a butter pecan shake. 🙂 Yum! So today I’m sharing 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for those who like DIY projects! I created a board on Pinterest for “Mother’s Day Craft Ideas” — I’ll add to it as I find more!  I’ve started off pinning a few ideas from the projects listed below. 1. Homemade Bird Houses for Bird Loving Moms Check out all these Bird…

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    Save Money Creating Natural Beauty Remedies at Home

    Save Money Creating Natural Beauty Remedies at Home For Thrifty Thursday, I thought I would share a few ways that will keep you from spending a fortune on beauty products at the store.  In fact, all of the ingredients you’ll need are right in your kitchen or pantry cabinet. Here are three ways in which you can create natural beauty remedies at home in a flash… Olive Oil: You cook and bake with it; but did you know that you can use it in a variety of other ways? Because olive oil is chemical free, it can be used on your skin; as a bath oil, moisturizer, massage oil, and…

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    Valentine's Day Free Graphics & Printables

    Valentine’s Day Free Graphics & Printables Here’s a couple of graphics you can use for facebook (right click to save to your computer) Valentine’s Day Free Printables: *Printable Valentine’s Day Cards *More Free Printable Valentines *Valentines Printables (stationery, invitations, bookmarks, grocery lists and more.) * Valentine’s Especially for kids]]>