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5 Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Diy

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Well, every Mother’s Day I feel like it’s my birthday.  Since my birthday is immediately after the Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebration, I look forward to feeling a little extra special on Mother’s Day.  Each year I go eat a Braum’s hamburger and a butter pecan shake. 🙂 Yum!

So today I’m sharing 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for those who like DIY projects!

I created a board on Pinterest for “Mother’s Day Craft Ideas” — I’ll add to it as I find more!  I’ve started off pinning a few ideas from the projects listed below.

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

1. Homemade Bird Houses for Bird Loving Moms

Here’s two bird houses children can make from recyclable milk containers:

Paper Milk Carton Bird House

Your child will need the following materials:

* Coated paper milk carton (any size.) The larger the milk carton, the more room the birds will have to build a nest and raise a family.

* Dowel rod or natural pencil for the perch

* Stapler

* Scissors

* Acrylic paints and a paintbrush

* Wire or string to hang the bird house

Begin by washing the milk carton and allowing it to dry thoroughly. Staple the top of the carton closed.

Carefully cut a small hole (1 to 1 ½ inches wide) in one side of the carton. Try to keep the edges as clean as possible so the birds’ wings do not get caught.

Next, poke a hole under the entrance hole just large enough for a pencil or dowel rod to fit through. Make another hole of the same size on the opposite side to slide the perch into.

Paint the carton using a foam paintbrush to get the best coverage. You may also want to decorate the birdhouse using different colors or foam stickers.

Staple a wire or string on the carton so it can be hung in a tree near a window.

Plastic Milk Carton Bird House

For this bird house, your child will need:

* ½ gallon plastic milk carton

* Paint (black, brown or gray)

* A large number of twigs

* Tacky glue (if the child making this bird house is older, a low-temp glue gun may be used)

* Scissors

* Ruler

* Pencil

* String or fishing line for hanging the bird house

Start out by washing the milk carton and allowing it to dry thoroughly. Using the ruler and a pencil, have your child mark around the bottom of the milk carton three inches from the bottom. Carefully cut the milk carton into two pieces on the line. Be sure to keep both halves.

Now it is time to cut the bottom part of the carton so it is only one inch high. Cut a two inch circle out of the front of the carton. Put glue on the outside of the bottom half and carefully push it into the upper section of the carton. This will reduce the height of the milk carton by approximately two inches. Poke a hole in the center of the milk carton lid. Push string or fishing line through the hole and secure it to allow you to hang the bird house. Be sure to glue the milk carton closed.

Paint the outside of the milk carton a dark color such as black, gray or brown. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Gather small, straight twigs in large quantity. Choose twigs that are thin as well as some that are thicker. Cut the twigs into similar lengths.

You will also want to place two holes, on opposite sides of the carton, to place a stick for a perch. Carefully glue the twigs onto the side of the bird house, being sure to leave the opening available for the birds to enter and exit the bird house.

2. Make a Message Board for Mom

Message boards are a great way to keep track of important things. They can be used to put photos, recipes, shopping lists, messages and more.

Think about the décor in your home. You will want to make a message board that will compliment the décor.

Serving Tray Message Board:

You want to maintain the integrity of the serving tray, if at all possible, especially if the design on the tray will work in her kitchen. If the design contrasts, you may want to paint the tray a complimentary color to those in her kitchen. Connect picture hangers to the back of the tray and then hang the tray from the wall near the phone. If you would rather not connect hangers to the tray, you can also lean the tray against the wall.

Ribbon Message Board:

Start with an old memo or cork board. Remove the frame and paint it a pretty color to match the colors in your home.

Place a piece of fabric over the cork board. Along the edge of the board, place a mark every inch. Using contrasting ribbon, create a diamond pattern by running the ribbon diagonally across the board, being sure to weave the ribbons. Staple the ends of the ribbon to keep them in the correct pattern. When the pattern is complete, replace the frame. Mom can place photos or other mementos behind the ribbons to hold them in place.

If you would like to make the ribbon message board a little more ornate, you can staple quilt batting onto the cork board before adding the fabric. Then, staple the ribbon where it crosses to create the diamond pattern. Hot glue buttons on over the staples. If young children are helping with this craft, be sure the adults use the hot glue gun. You can also sew the buttons onto the fabric to make it look quilted.

Remember, when making a message board for Mom, to decorate it using things that are important to her. Use her favorite color or one that will match the room in which the message board will be used. You may want to even have the children make a special card or sign that can be added as the first message.

3. Custom Silhouette Chalkboards for Mom

What mom or grandmother would not love a silhouette of their young child to help them remember how sweet they were at that age? You can cut out a silhouette and frame it, but why not make something useful, as well? One way to accomplish this is to create a silhouette chalkboard.

Begin by finding a good profile picture of your child. Since most people do not keep 8 1/2” x 11” pictures or larger, you will probably need to have the photo enlarged to fit as close to the edges of the paper as possible. Go to your local printer or office supply store to enlarge the photo.

Purchase a 10” x 12” board or ask Dad to help cut off a board to the right size. Have the children sand the board so it is smooth and then let them paint a color that will match the home’s interior design or use Mom’s favorite color.

Ask the children to use freezer paper and cut it to the same size as a sheet of printer paper. It would be helpful to have extras because printing could be tricky. Place the freezer paper into the printer so the paper side is printed. If the paper is printed on the wrong side, use another and try again. Make several copies if you are concerned you may make a mistake.

Carefully cut the picture out so the silhouette is one entire piece rather than multiple pieces. Place multiple pieces of double sided tape around the back of the paper so you are sure the tape will hold the paper in place. Press the picture to the board ensuring all edges are down and paint will not get under the paper.

Watch as the children paint a thin coat of chalkboard paint following the instructions on the paint can. Begin an inch or so toward the edge of the board so the paint does not start right at the edge of the paper. It will work better if the paint overlaps the edges of the paper. Allow the paint to dry completely. Once the paint has dried, apply a second coat of paint and allow it to dry thoroughly before you try to remove the paper.

Beginning at the corners of the board, gently remove the stencil from the board. Be careful when removing the paper around the edges of the silhouette. If you cannot remove the paper, an adult can use a craft knife to score along the edges. Remove the tape if has not come up with the paper.

Screw at least two cup hooks into the edge of the board. Run a pretty ribbon through the cup hooks so you can hang the chalkboard. If you would prefer, you can also use a plate stand to keep the chalkboard on display and easy to reach when Mom needs to add a grocery list or important message. Mom or Grandma will love this great craft that saves your child’s image and is useful, to boot!

4. Mother’s Day Flowers That Are Useful and Everlasting

Moms do not like watching the flowers wither and die. This Mother’s Day, or for another holiday, your children can give mom flowers that will not die and will prove to be useful.

Your child will need the following items:

* A small flower pot, coffee mug or glass vase
* Silk flowers of different colors
* Ballpoint pens
* Green floral tape
* Scissors or wire cutters
* Craft glue
* Glass marbles, decorative stones or dried beans

Start by having your child pain the flower pot a solid color. Allow the paint to dry completely. They may also decorate it at this point. Let them decorate it as they see fit, Mom will love it. Your child can also use a large coffee mug or a glass vase.

Adults, cut the stems of the silk flowers so the length is about half of the length of a ballpoint pen. For thick stems, wire cutters may be more appropriate or remove the plastic coating to make cutting easier.

Using floral tape, begin near the wrap the pen until you get to the midpoint of the pen. Then, place the flower along the side of the pen and continue wrapping remaining flower wire to the pen to hold the flower in place.

Continue wrapping the pen until you reach the bottom of the flower. Then, continue wrapping by going back toward the tip of the pen. When you reach near the tip, cut the floral tape and glue the tape end with clear tacky craft glue.

Repeat the above steps with multiple colors of the same type of flower. You could also use different types of flowers. Have your children set the flowers aside as they continue with the craft.

Have the children fill the flower pot with marbles, decorative stones or dried beans. You may want to use something that looks like soil, but it is not necessary. Place the floral pens into the pot so they look like a bouquet.

Another option for this craft is to use floral foam in the flower pot, coffee mug or glass vase. You can glue the floral foam into the container to ensure the pens are held in place.

The benefit of giving Mom a bouquet of floral pens is at least two-fold. Not only does she receive a beautiful floral arrangement, but she also receives unique pens. An added benefit is she will be able to easily find these pens because they can be kept in the flower pot. Furthermore, she will be able to recognize the pen as hers if she chooses to keep one in her purse.

5. Duct Tape Flip Flops – A Unique Gift Mom Will Love

Well, that is not entirely true. No one has come up with flip flops made entirely out of duct tape, but it probably won’t be long! You can create one-of-a-kind flip flops using duct tape, though. Keep reading to learn how.

If you think about duct tape, you probably think of the silver tape you find in hardware stores. These days, however, you can find duct tape in a myriad of colors and even designs. Take a look; you might be surprised at the options these days. Let’s get to the flip flops!

You will need:
1. 6 strips of duct tape, 14 inches long
2. 2 circles the width of the tape
3. Scissors

You are going to make flowers out of duct tape and here’s how:

* Cut three strips of tape, about 14 inches long each. You will also want to cut out a circle the entire width of the tape.
* Fold the three strips of tape almost in half. It is important that you leave at least 1/8 of an inch of the sticky tape showing. Starting on the folded side, cut toward the sticky edge, about every ¼ inch. You will do this for two of the strips. The last strip will be cut every 1/8 inch.
* Lay the circle on a work surface with the sticky side facing up. Place one strip of the folded and cut tape along the edge of the circle. As you are going along the edge, the tape will pucker, that’s okay.
* Continue going around the edge, toward the center, until you reach the end of the strip. Add the next strip, moving toward the center of the circle, sticking the tape to the circle.
* When you get to the center, roll the end and stick it into the center of the flower. Repeat this with a second set of tape cut out the same way so you end up with two flowers.

Gather the rest of your supplies:

1. 2 strips of duct tape, 2 inches long
2. 2 pieces of floral wire, 4 inches long
3. Thin strips of duct tape, 1 inch wide about 10 inches long
4. A pair of flip flops

* Turn the flowers upside down and place a piece of wire onto the back of the flower. Tape the wire to the back of the flower leaving the ends available.
* Cut 10 inch strips of duct tape and cut it down the center to make the strips about 1 in wide. Begin wrapping the strips of duct tape along the strap of the flip flop to adhere the wire to the straps.
* Repeat the same process on the second flip flop.

Craft stores will have a better selection of duct tape than hardware stores. While you are making one pair of duct tape flip flops, why not buy a couple of different patterns, prints and colors to make a number of pairs.


If you’re not up to crafting anything for Mom, consider buying her something she can enjoy all summer long!

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