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Creating Family Traditions

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Creating Family Traditions There’s just something so endearing about family traditions! Family traditions connect your family together and create pleasant memories that last a life time. Don’t just wait for Christmas time to roll around when it comes to creating family traditions….get creative and create a few that you can enjoy year around! Traditions can be as simple as doing a puzzle or game together on a certain night.   Long ago I created Fridays as “I Love You Day“.   It’s always been a surprise what that might be…for instance, a piece of chocolate left at their spot on the table.  I created it so that my boys would have something to look forward to and also as a symbol that showed them how much I loved them. If you have some family traditions, I would love for you to share them here with other moms.  Your ideas can help inspire others. ]]>


  • Melinda

    I love the “I love you day” concept! We used to call Friday “Daddy day” because it would be the start of our weekend with daddy. Now that the kids are older we have a family night with a fun meal and a movie or games. We also have robin day to celebrate the first robin we see in the spring and a snow cake on our first measurable snow of the season.

  • Shirley

    I love family traditions. In honor of the Jewish roots of both myself and my husband we have a special dinner each Friday for Sabbath, first we light 2 candles and declare the Blessing of The Lord (Blessed is He and Blessed be His Name) and invite His Holy Spirit into our home, we thank Him for is Peace upon our home, then we read from Genesis and lay hands on each other’s heads and speak Blessings over the children and over each other. Then we break bread and using grape juice share communion with one another while reading Scripture from Mark of the Last Supper. We end the meal with a reading from Psalms. After we relax and play board games, cards or watch family movies together. We stay up late and sleep in Saturday mornings!

    • Rhonda


      Thank you for taking time to share your family tradition with us. We love to have a short devotionals after our evening meals when we’re all together as a family. In the mornings, we read Proverbs or Psalms together.

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