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Home Organization Series – The Formal Living Room – Day 3

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Day 3 – Formal Living Room

Today we’re going to work on organizing the formal living room in your house.

If you think there’s not much to clean and sort through, you’re probably right …and wrong.

Most formal spaces are already neat as a pin. We don’t live in those rooms; sometimes we don’t even enter them.

We tend to hide our chaos and clutter in the back of the house, in the rooms most guests don’t see. That’s fine. But, we are on this mission to organize our homes and taking a day for this room is still extremely useful.


If you have clutter or objects that do not belong in this room, by all means, take care of it now.

If not, what have you always wanted to do to this room?

Take the time….

– Take the time to paint the walls.

– Take the time now to try the sofa on another wall.

– Take the time to finally hang up that picture.

– Take the time to shop and order new curtains.


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Do whatever it is that you have been putting off!

So much of our lives is disorganized because we are constantly on the go and do not take time to do the little things. The next thing you know the little things have piled up into one massive BIG thing! I hereby grant you the time today. 🙂

What are you going to do with YOUR space today?  De-clutter. Freshen it up; make some fun changes.

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