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Home Organization Series

Home Organization Series – Declutter Your Recipes – Day 14

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Home Organization Series – Declutter your recipes – Day 14

Today is another sit-down day. Get all your recipes and cookbooks together.

Gather all those torn out of magazine pages with recipes, the quickly scribbled notes from pot luck dinners, the pre-printed recipe cards from that cookie exchange you attended 4 years ago — grab them all.

Sit down and sort through them. If there is only one recipe you like in an entire book, rip it out and donate the book. No sense in having it take up space.

Get rid of any recipes that you honestly know that you’ll never have the time to prepare. (Some require more work than we want to invest or require so many ingredients that it’s overwhelming.)

Take this time to call your mom, your grandma and your best friend’s cousin. Ask for your favorite recipes. Do it now before the recipe is lost or forgotten.

Now take the time to put everything in one book.

Two ideas:

  • Use a notebook with page protectors to slip the recipes into.
  • Do a little research online; there are tons of websites that specialize in self-publishing books or cookbooks.
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Getting all your loose pieces of paper into one cookbook is a great way to get organized and it saves a ton of space.

An extra idea:

You can even take this one step further and order extra copies of your recipe collection for holiday gifts.

If you always wanted your mother-in-law’s recipe for homemade salami, chances are other family members do, too.  Now, you can claim to be the “prepared” gift-giver this year.


  • Katie Braswell

    Perfect! I was just getting ready to “clean out” my Pinterest “Food” Board! I know it’s cyber clutter, but it’s clutter all the same!

    • herChristianHome

      Isn’t that true, Katie?! You make a great point… our Pinterest boards can also get way out of hand. I do like to keep them organized as well….and I do think it’s about time to declutter them to start a fresh, new year. 🙂

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