Organizing the Master Bedroom - Home Organization Series - Day 15
Home Organization Series

Home Organization Series – Organize the Master Bedroom – Day 15

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Home Organization Series – Organize Your Master Bedroom – Day 15

The halfway point in our “30 days to an Organized Home” is your master bedroom.

Clutter in this room is unacceptable… it will rob you of a peaceful rest.

This is your sanctuary, the place you go to rest and rejuvenate yourself. It should not be in disarray.

In fact, there should be nothing in here except your clothes, your bed and a good book or two. It is designed for relaxing and who can relax with four piles of unfolded laundry, a half empty suitcase teetering on the edge of the chair and a box of tax returns in the corner?

Get everything out of your room that doesn’t belong.

Empty the drawers of your night stands, armoire, dresser, and bureau, whatever. Purge what you don’t want, need or use. Sort through the rest and put it back neatly.

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Strip the linens off the bed. You’re in here, might as well get a little laundry done, too. Drag anything out from underneath your bed and sort through it. How can you get a good night’s sleep when you are lying on top of clutter?  You mentally know what’s underneath there…and it will weigh you down.

Vacuum your mattress. Then, flip it and vacuum the other side. Wow.  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? It feels good to do the things you hear about on TV shows but never have time for.

Finish collecting all the extra clutter from your room and put it in a basket to disperse accordingly. (Place in appropriate places, store keepsakes, sell, giveaway, donate.)

Enjoy the serenity of your place dedicated for rest and relaxation.

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