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Home Organization Series – Keeping it Organized – Day 5

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Day 5 – Keeping It Organized

Today is an easy day. The previous day was tough and you made it through.  If you have anything left to finish, go ahead and do that now.

Pick up any mess your family has made in the last 24 hours.

Run the vacuum in your clean new family room; straighten a pillow or two.

Or, just stand back and admire how amazing it looks. 🙂

Next, why not REWARD yourself for your determination with a little change of scenery — and do a little shopping!?!

Head to a Super Store, an office supply store or your favorite storage specialty store and have some fun.

Buy a label maker. These useful little things may seem a little Type-A but Type-A is good in your new, organized home. If a label maker is not your thing, consider buying some nice sticker-based labels.

Also consider this for organizing pantries and kitchen products: Cedar Markers Chalkboard Labels. Pack of 124 Reusable Stickers in 24 Different Designs and a Bonus White Chalk Marker. Premium Labels for Glass Jars, Food Containers, Kitchen and Pantry Organizing.

You plan is to stay organized, right?

The process of discretely labeling boxes and other containers can help you both remember what is in them, and make it easier and faster to replace that item properly.

At the store, you can browse nice storage tubs, pretty file folders and unique baskets. They do not have to be expensive to be effective. Choosing your favorite colors or designs can help get you excited and motivated to get yourself totally organized! (Sort of like an incentive to keep going. 🙂 )

If you can afford it, buy several; we have 25 more days of organizing to get to and a lot of rooms, drawers and shelves to organize.

(*Note of warning:  Don’t buy more organizing tubs if you already have several in your house….watch the video and I will explain more about that toward the end.)

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