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Home Organization Series

Home Organization Series – The Pantry – Day 11

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Today it’s back to cleaning…

We’re going to concentrate (only) on the kitchen pantry. If you don’t have a pantry, clean out the cupboards that are used primarily for food storage.

Clear off your kitchen table and pull it right up to the pantry.  No need for extra steps today. Take everything out. Yes, everything. It’s important to get a good cleaning in before you start organizing. You’d be surprised how many stray bits of dog food, onion skins and stale heels of bread you’ll find.

Once it is all out, give all the shelves and floor a thorough cleaning.  Place plastic storage tubs on the floor. If you have larger items, like 50-pound bags of dog food or 100-roll packs of toilet paper from the warehouse club, this would be a great solution for hiding them out of the way.

Put larger appliances that you do not use on a regular basis up on the top shelf. The stand mixer, bread machine and automatic ice cream maker all fit neatly out of the way up there.

Put items that tend to get messy in plastic, zipper bags or in clear containers. Flour, sugar and dried pasta are all well-suited for this.

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Sort your cans into like items and line then up neatly, label side out. Group other like items as well, such as rice, pastas and extra condiments. You can even use baskets for things like baking items, so they can be easily accessed at once by simply removing the entire basket.

A few extra minutes spent reorganizing every time you go grocery shopping can make it easy to maintain this ordered look.

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So, how are you doing on your home organization?  How is your pantry doing?  Do you have any questions or tips to share?

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